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  1. Ketogenic Diet for Energy and Mental Clarity

    Worse anxiety ever felt in my life was after taking a SSRI for a few days. They say it gets better, what after the self-inflicted lobotomy takes its course? The bathroom problems, heartburn and urges to cut myself really made me research what the hell I was taking. Wish I did research before trying them but like you was desperate to find anything that could help. Quitting is a struggle no doubt just keep doing one day at a time.
  2. Ketogenic Diet for Energy and Mental Clarity

    I actually enjoy cooking now just hate cleaning lol. For me I have a cheat night on the weekends but just don't go crazy with it. Never had a "keto flue" but ever since I stopped addy always limited carbs now just adding more fat to my diet vs heavy on the proteins. I wish my work ethic was strong as my diet and workout drive. Sort of obsessed with those two things but far as doing my regular work that pays the bills I'm still behind production. But figure if I keep the fitness and diet to the max eventually it should carry over to my job output. Here Iam on here again avoiding my office work think I should ground myself from social media for awhile.
  3. Hypnosis for Adderrall Cessation

    I sure thought about it hope it works for you. My aunt did that 20 years ago for smoking and never went back so it does work for some people no doubt.
  4. Ketogenic Diet for Energy and Mental Clarity

    How would adding Been on a keto diet for a couple weeks personally have not had any noticeable spike in anxiety but everybody is different for sure. I even bought some Keto supplements they are expensive but seem to help not been on it long enough time to say it's worth the investment or not. So you have a doctor who didn't push meds for anxiety ? That's a rare find these days.
  5. Anyone taken Lexapro while on Adderall?

    I'd definitely get off but you will have withdraw for sure. Lexapro is a SSRI my opinion it's a suicide pill causing worse depression vs not even having it. Wellbutrin is a NDRI I think the safest of any antidepressants any many on here quitting used it for help. But it's no miracle cure if anything most all of those meds do not make you happy it makes you feel nothing and that itself can make you more depressed. I wish a real happy pill was available but none are except pain pills man loved them but like addy it comes crashing down lol. Do your research on quitting I'm not sure if it's better to bite the bullet now or wait but either way freedom is med free and takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice to get yourself back. I wish you luck and post on here let us know how your doing.
  6. I also seen a post of the same test with mice in a different setting. The traditional test was one with a mouse normally alone in a dull cage. This other test was given in a large space with multiple mice with the best food available multi exercise options plenty of natural sunlight. They found the mice living in a good mouse community staying active actually avoided the water with cocaine. If I find it again I'll share the link. But the main thing to take away stay active, eat right and be around people ( good people) . If you stay isolated indoors no exercise that's when your brain craves drugs the most.
  7. Exercise and Soreness

    I think creatine does help rebuild muscle tissue faster but be sure to drink plenty of water also. I do normally one day weights next day cardio. Giving your body a day between the weight training helps muscle recover time. Your tearing and rebuilding muscle tissue have to let it have that recovery time.
  8. Doctors do not demonize SSRI medications but they should. The sucide risk are very high says it even on the bottle doctors tell patients it's only in very very rare cases. Complete bs doctors care less just quick "fixes" and commissions. Doctors do not care about health they do very little education on any prevention it's only after something happens they claim to have a cure. But normally the cure has so many horrible side effects it leaves you in a worse place. Just listen to commercials for any new drug the hits the market none of them sound like anything I'd ever want to take after hearing the disclaimer. But yet doctors always tell people those risk are very very rare it surely won't happen to you. But of course if it does the doctor will say you knew it had some side effect risk your one of the "rare" ones. People are quick to donate buy a ribbon or whatever to support cancer research. That money goes to pharmaceutical research labs there's a profit based system. Prevention is not their priority finding a drug they can get someone by that will cost a lot is their main goal . How about spending that money towards cancer prevention research? Why did I quit? Because I was poising my body and knew it from day one. Has quitting resolved my issues? Well I'm not dead pretty sure the direction I was heading so yes guess it has. If your so gullible to think anyone with ADD or not should have amphetamines daily then you are just overlooking the obvious. I looked up some listed side effects with amphetamines does not even include the long term stuff we deal with. Of course most side effects by the drug companies all claim "rare" "incidence not known" they say these things to give a false sense of security. Must people feel we won't be that one that's someone else, but the reality is if they did testimg for more than one month to get passed by the FDA I'm sure these side effects sure wouldn't be so rare. The term "Incidence not known" definition 'They know it happened but they didn't keep count. These are usually the ones where a few people have reported it, but nothing was found in controlled studies.' That's is bullshit many reported it but drug companies deny it since it did not show in their studies for the FDA Here is a list from the drug companies about amphetamines ... Rare Seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there severe mental changes Incidence not known Agitation blurred vision confusion diarrhea dizziness false or unusual sense of well-being fast, irregular, pounding, or racing heartbeat or pulse fever headache nervousness overactive reflexes pounding in the ears restlessness shakiness in the legs, arms, hands, or feet shivering slow or fast heartbeat sweating talking or acting with excitement you cannot control trouble sleeping twitching, twisting, or uncontrolled repetitive movements of the tongue, lips, face, arms, or legs uncontrolled vocal outbursts or tics (uncontrolled repeated body movements) Get emergency help immediately if any of the following symptoms of overdose occur while taking amphetamine: Symptoms of overdose Abdominal or stomach cramps dark-colored urine dizziness, faintness, or lightheadedness when getting up suddenly from a lying or sitting position fainting muscle cramps or spasms muscle pain or stiffness nausea seizures sweating unusual tiredness or weakness ( I do want to say I know not all doctors are money hungry ignorant pricks who don't care. Actually have a good friend who is a doctor does a lot of good just spent months in Iraq volunteering helping out victims of war. Now in Florida helping with the hurricane and about to heat to Puerto Rico . He won't even take aspirin if he has a headache, never use a antibiotics saw him at home sick for weeks told him take some damn antibiotics he said no it will pass. I'm sure his patience probably hate him he would hardly ever prescribe anything unless it's the absolute last option.)
  9. Guilt Ridden

    If you gave it to him after you quit then you should feel guilty and sorry anybody on here holding pills after you quit and hand them out to "friends" you are a pos. Before you quit u thought then it was the answer like all of us. Help him do what? Clean his house? Organize his homework not sure what your saying he wants you to do? If he needs help quitting sure definitely give 100% effort but if he needs you to be his mommy clean up his mess screw that tell him what's up and he should quit like you did.
  10. Great things about not taking adderall

    Money I save from filling scripts and doctors visits not to mention kicking my pain pill habit at the same time which was very expensive.
  11. Almost 4mo off and miserable

    I thought about selling buisness also but stuck with it glad I did not. It's seems harder in some ways to do this when u call your own shots nobody looking over your shoulder holding you accountable . But I have no employees that might make a difference in your case you have to not just worry about yourself. Good luck with whichever direction you go given your pretty low dosage and time on it you should get back on track quicker than most of us who were up to 60+ mg a day for multiple years. Not saying it makes it easier what your going through but it should not last as long hopefully.
  12. Hitting One Month w No Adderall

    Been doing some hippie shit drinking pickle juice, drinking apple cider vinegar mix , taking fish oil again ( pickle juice cures the bad side effects from those in my opinion) I put a link under supplements to a guy who has a ton of natural cures etc. I find working out a good mix of weights and cardio is key one day run next day weights I always do circuits when I do weights don't lift some reps then sit around think that's counterproductive in my opinion. You will be stronger off addy no doubt once you get a couple months in eat better etc also high fat and low carb thing is worth looking into.
  13. Trip to Beaumont Texas

    I just got back from a weekend volunteering with animal rescue groups in Beaumont a town devastated by the flood. This was a last minute opportunity that came last week and decided to go for it. Part of me wondered how my post addy self would do. Would I let myself down or others? I've never done anything like this my whole life. Well to put it simply I slept about 3 hrs in two days and worked harder than I ever did on adderal. It was exchausting and challaging but if it wasn't for having a family here I would have stayed a week longer. Part of me wonders why how I've been such a slug at home for so long but capable of this . Well think the fact is I'm too comfortable I have tv in every room all the food water ac etc at my disposal. When you change your environment to something so different when basic survival is what's important everything changes. I know this will jump my recovery in so many ways along with my new diet ( while in Texas at anything available walked 10 miles per day anyways lol.) Anyways I would recommend anyone else trying to get over the hump to try something similar helping others animals whatever. When you see someone in need who just lost everything and needs help being lazy tired is just not a thought anymore.
  14. Guy has a lot of good advice some are obvious plugs for some of his own products but overall feel he is genuine and has very good health tips. Many do have advice for gaining energy what foods to eat and stay away from.
  15. Ketogenic Diet for Energy and Mental Clarity

    I have not eaten bagels since I stopped addy those things put me to sleep now. Think most all of us in recovery suffer from adrenal fatigue issues. Think about for years we were in a heightened fight or flight mode from addy this makes since why months and years off this drug some of us still struggle. Combating adrenal fatigue right now is my top priority. Last week was a low for me felt if I had addy would have taken it. I searched for reasons why I felt this way tired fatigued even though not over weight, sleep decently and work out almost daily. I found a lot of good info and this week really starting to feel better doing things differently. I have been taking out most carbs drinking some apple cider vinegar and my new favorite pickle juice (drink pickle juice vs Gatorade this stuff will recover your electrolytes quicker better and no sugar) . I don't know if I'll go to your extreme with the lard etc but open to anything new the old way wasn't working never has like u even as a kid a lacked energy. Unless you have no food at all you should have energy. To me means whatever I have been eating "even though never been overweight " has not been correctly converted to energy. I definitely feel on the right path now instead of just waiting for time alone to get better.
  16. Ketogenic Diet for Energy and Mental Clarity

    What do you eat for breakfast? Although love to have eggs and bacon everyday time wise normally don't have that luxury. Most all cereal and breakfast bars are high in carbs / sugar what's a fast high protein alternative?
  17. I Desperately Need Help...Please

    Get help go to rehab (if possible I did outpatient myself couldn't afford intake) , NA meeting , friend or family. Ultimately this is your battle but to get started you really need some support and to be honest about it. If you are anything like I was nobody really knows what your dealing with. So many times I hoped to have a hospital emergency heart attack ,break down or whatever just so I could get help. It never came to that point but it certainly could have. Don't let that be your wake up call get going now without the huge medical emergency bill or worse.
  18. It's a long journey brother I'm on my 20th month I think now (nov 24th my two year quit date.) No way could I say yet I've quit successfully reason being still feeling like I have not fully recovered yet. I think until you really feel self motivated at least like I was before I started the ability to relapse is always a possibility. Only way to prevent giving up you absolutely must get rid of any pills, tell your doctor your a addict, cut off ties with any friends and hate to say but really even family members who take it. Last week had a few couple bad days know I would have given in if it was available glad I did not have that option so far this week going so much better, but it's like that ups and downs for along time.
  19. Kicked the door

    Punched my door other day was my entry door dented the metal and knocked out three screws from the hinges. Luckily my hand was just fine. I hit a heavy bag often to take out anger but this was spure of the moment. I hate doing stupid things like that was very lucky not to harm my wrist knuckles etc. Ive always had immature anger issues so dumb I should grow up by now. But will say off addy happens less frequently on it was non stop. Just need to keep working on myself meditation etc.
  20. Ears ringing

    I always have had them from concerts and loud music as a teenager. I sleep with a box fan on full blast so it does not bother me at night.
  21. Just Got Dumped

    Facing emotions of a break up , family death etc is totally different off addy because your emotions can't be easily ignored. If you use again it won't solve any issues just mask what your facing now. Then in the future may repeat all this over with someone new. One year off addy is great and hats off 11 months with no alcohol not easy to do. Even if you feel like shit be proud of what you've accomplished.
  22. Difficult Day

    I did for several months still do at times what this site is for so let it all go on here.
  23. Finally - Reclaiming my Neural Pathways!

    Never heard of Reiki but sounds like a postive tool that should help for sure! Just FYI I'm coming up on my 2nd year clean come this Nov. I tried to quit 2 times before and both times I failed was because I told myself the exact same you are now, "I'm not 100% confident that I will stay off of adderall," Understand saying that your addiction still controls your brain. I know NA says, "Just for today" etc. Well I'm sorry we picked one hell of a drug and it's different in so many ways, we must be stronger because the withdrawal mentally last so much longer vs most other drugs people abuse. Here is the big difference people quit cocaine, heroin, pain pills etc is that life in general after a couple months really improves but us addy abusers it just seems to get harder and harder like asking ourself why are we doing this? But you know why just sometimes it gets frustrating like u hardly want to work take care of house things adderall made us love doing and things in society that say you must do and when we no longer want to do those things at even a non addy pace we get pissed at ourselves. That's when the opportunity for your addiction bust down that door like the Kool-Aid man. You must say this is it, your life on addy is over. In your mind build a damn fortress your addiction can't easily penetrate. Any pills flush them, any unfilled scripts burn them and burn the bridge with your doctor you will never need that stuff again because you are 100% sure you will never do it again! It's a long process but worth it other option is go bat shit crazy and have your heart explode way I looked at it.
  24. Tattooed happily ever after?

    Funny you posted this. I got a tribal tatoo upper left arm when I was 18. I don't regret it but tired of it thinking of getting something new to cover it or mask it some it just screams late 1990's lol. I also have a Celtic cross on my back since 2002 I still like it. At 70 if you stay in shape and away from sunburn should look ok. At the gym a guy is in his late 70's his body looks like he still a very in shape 40 year old but only his face tells his age.