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  1. One Year

    I'm doing great. Ups and downs as always but I don't even have urges to take pills anymore which is super nice. Been noticing that I am increasingly more productive too! Getting there!!
  2. One Year

    Thanks for remembering me too. Congrats!!!!! I made it a whole year as well. Can't believe it!

    Hey there. I am 9 months off ritalin. It can be just as bad as adderall. Trust me. I never liked adderall/dexedrine as i had way too many side effects. Ritalin was perfect to me. Was on it 4 years or so daily. Now Im clean. You can be too. Good luck. PM me with any questions! You can do this!
  4. The Six Month Challenge

    Have not been on this site in a while. Wanted to come back to say happy 7 months clean everyone!
  5. The Six Month Challenge

    Still hanging in there. Belated happy five months all :-)
  6. The Six Month Challenge

    Hey there. We quit on the same day I remember. Im still clean but I feel exactly like you do. Fatigued. Feel nothing emotionally. Just a lot of blah. Not going to lie, I think about taking a pill every day these days and I have almost given in... But I havnt. Keep remembering the reasons I stopped and how much better cardiovascularly I have felt since quitting (no longer hypertensive to say the least). Hang in there!
  7. Starting Supplements

    Dont waste your money on them. Im in a similar situation as you. Been off the stuff since November at this point. Lost track of the exact # of days. Im in my 30's also and healthy for what its worth. Have tried a whole array of suppliments and 'nootropics'. Piracetam, hup a, l-theanine , b vitamins etc. They are all a scam. None of them can actually recreate what amphetamine / stimulants are capable of / make you feel. Good ol fashioned caffeine is your best bet. I would not recommened you waste your money on these things (very expensive). If they worked so well they would be mainstream, not just marketed to niche message boards / the internet.
  8. The Ninety Day Challenge

    Nice blue moon! I hit day 90 also same day as you and didn't even realize it until today. Keep up the great work. Great community here. Blown away that I accomplished it. Work is finally starting to be easier. Recently I have been cutting back on caffeine and it is amazing how much I can accomplish still. Sky is the limit.
  9. Quitting ritalin/concerta equivalent to this site?

    Hey there. I am using this site and am in the process of quitting mph. You are not alone! This site has been very helpful for me and I am close to 90 days clean (I think 81 days now? I forget the exact number). Look at my first post to see my whole story (on mobile now). Tldr was on ritalin Concerta focalin etc for over 4 years and decided to stop. For me I was never a big fan of Adderall or dex. Could easily take it or leave it. Mph was always my med of choice by farrr and it has been quite a struggle to stay off of it. Good luck!
  10. The 60 day challange "reloaded"

    Congrats bluemoon! As you know I am right there with you! Surreal. By far the longest I have went since I started 4 years ago
  11. The 60 day challange "reloaded"

    Hey there. I'm feeling ok I guess? Just like you it seems like I have had a bit of a slump. Been extra tired recently and lethargic. Especially lazy. No motivation. Still get cravings. Not as bad but still in the back of my head ... Especially when I'm lazy and want to be as productive as I used to be. Starbucks isn't cutting it anymore haha. Can't wait for day 60!
  12. The 60 day challange "reloaded"

    Day 53 right here. One more week.

    CONGRATS!!!! It gets a lot easier after day30! heading towards 60 myself!

    Good luck to all. You guys got this! Currently on day 34 and feeling great! Just keeps getting better! If I can do it after four years straight so can everyone else. It's weird... Was really fatigued for a while but slightly after day 30 everything feels like it is finally coming together.

    Likewise! Happy 31 to you too. I get ten days off starting New Year's Day as well. Can't wait. Hope for more improvement and less general laziness around day 60 haha. Till then... More caffeine!