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  1. One Year

    I'm doing great. Ups and downs as always but I don't even have urges to take pills anymore which is super nice. Been noticing that I am increasingly more productive too! Getting there!!
  2. One Year

    Thanks for remembering me too. Congrats!!!!! I made it a whole year as well. Can't believe it!

    Hey there. I am 9 months off ritalin. It can be just as bad as adderall. Trust me. I never liked adderall/dexedrine as i had way too many side effects. Ritalin was perfect to me. Was on it 4 years or so daily. Now Im clean. You can be too. Good luck. PM me with any questions! You can do this!
  4. The Six Month Challenge

    Have not been on this site in a while. Wanted to come back to say happy 7 months clean everyone!
  5. The Six Month Challenge

    Still hanging in there. Belated happy five months all :-)
  6. The Six Month Challenge

    Hey there. We quit on the same day I remember. Im still clean but I feel exactly like you do. Fatigued. Feel nothing emotionally. Just a lot of blah. Not going to lie, I think about taking a pill every day these days and I have almost given in... But I havnt. Keep remembering the reasons I stopped and how much better cardiovascularly I have felt since quitting (no longer hypertensive to say the least). Hang in there!
  7. Starting Supplements

    Dont waste your money on them. Im in a similar situation as you. Been off the stuff since November at this point. Lost track of the exact # of days. Im in my 30's also and healthy for what its worth. Have tried a whole array of suppliments and 'nootropics'. Piracetam, hup a, l-theanine , b vitamins etc. They are all a scam. None of them can actually recreate what amphetamine / stimulants are capable of / make you feel. Good ol fashioned caffeine is your best bet. I would not recommened you waste your money on these things (very expensive). If they worked so well they would be mainstream, not just marketed to niche message boards / the internet.
  8. The Ninety Day Challenge

    Nice blue moon! I hit day 90 also same day as you and didn't even realize it until today. Keep up the great work. Great community here. Blown away that I accomplished it. Work is finally starting to be easier. Recently I have been cutting back on caffeine and it is amazing how much I can accomplish still. Sky is the limit.
  9. Quitting ritalin/concerta equivalent to this site?

    Hey there. I am using this site and am in the process of quitting mph. You are not alone! This site has been very helpful for me and I am close to 90 days clean (I think 81 days now? I forget the exact number). Look at my first post to see my whole story (on mobile now). Tldr was on ritalin Concerta focalin etc for over 4 years and decided to stop. For me I was never a big fan of Adderall or dex. Could easily take it or leave it. Mph was always my med of choice by farrr and it has been quite a struggle to stay off of it. Good luck!
  10. The 60 day challange "reloaded"

    Congrats bluemoon! As you know I am right there with you! Surreal. By far the longest I have went since I started 4 years ago
  11. The 60 day challange "reloaded"

    Hey there. I'm feeling ok I guess? Just like you it seems like I have had a bit of a slump. Been extra tired recently and lethargic. Especially lazy. No motivation. Still get cravings. Not as bad but still in the back of my head ... Especially when I'm lazy and want to be as productive as I used to be. Starbucks isn't cutting it anymore haha. Can't wait for day 60!
  12. The 60 day challange "reloaded"

    Day 53 right here. One more week.

    CONGRATS!!!! It gets a lot easier after day30! heading towards 60 myself!

    Good luck to all. You guys got this! Currently on day 34 and feeling great! Just keeps getting better! If I can do it after four years straight so can everyone else. It's weird... Was really fatigued for a while but slightly after day 30 everything feels like it is finally coming together.

    Likewise! Happy 31 to you too. I get ten days off starting New Year's Day as well. Can't wait. Hope for more improvement and less general laziness around day 60 haha. Till then... More caffeine!

    Congrats! Day 30 right here too!!! Crazy. After being on Ritalin for over four years can't believe I finally managed to do it!

    Same here man. Unproductive at work. Still have cravings. Drinking a little more alcohol than I normally do at night (not crazy but a bit more than before). Just feel more lazy. As in there is stuff I want to get done (read a book for my job for example) but instead I waste my time doing something else. Hopefully this will pass in the upcoming months. I have a ten day vacation starting beginning of January so it will be nice to do this without the stresses that work provides. Keep up the good work!

    4 weeks. Day 28. So close

    Well hello people. I have posted sparingly on this forum. Adderall is not my med of choice, but ritalin / concerta is. Been hooked since I was 26 daily (am 30 now). I have tried many times to stop but have always relapsed. Never abuse (well, rarely) but rather just my Rxed dose which is usually between 30-50mg / day depending if im taking ritalin or concerta. Currently on my longest streak without the medication ever in four years since I began taking it regularly. Day number 24 right now. Motivating factor is my wife is pregnant! Great stuff. Want to not be hooked on pills when I have a kid. This has been a better motivator than anything thus far but it is still very hard. Think about it daily. Can't wait till day 30! The roughest part about quitting the medication for me is that it hasnt destroyed my life, caused any damage etc. Just the opposite. More productive on it. Have a great career. Helped decrease depression. I know deep down its not something I should be on long term however. My blood pressure has been SIGNIFICANTLY better since quitting (even with daily starbucks). On daily ritalin it was usually 135/95 or so. Now it is back to 120/80 ish.

    Still going strong. Feeling a LOT better now than I did on the last post of mine. I still have the pills available but would not have been able to make it to day 20 without taking a vacation. I went on a two week vacation and did not bring any medication with me which really helped (especially the physical part of the wds). I am looking forward to my 1 month without them.. Which should be on this upcoming Tuesday. Good stuff! One thing I am worried about is that I have a board exam in June that I am not sure if I will be able to study for it without the Ritalin. Would require me to be on it for 3 weeks for study purposes. I will see what my mental state is in May.

    Day 20 for me of quitting ritalin / concerta / focalin. This is the longest I have been off in 4 years or so and ive tried before but couldnt break the 10 day mark. I still have a ton of the stuff (eg i have not thrown my medication away) so it is very tempting. I am still a mess and have gotten little to nothing that I have wanted to do done over these past 20 days. I have dysthymia too (chronic low grade depression) so quitting this doesnt help much either. Ill try my best to stick it out to day 30. The physical cravings are long gone at this point so hopefully it will not be that bad
  22. Do any Doctors Even Understand?

    Some docs def understand. Some do not. I am a fourth year medical student presently. While I do not intend to go into psych (going into surgery), I can tell you that just like every profession there are good docs and bad docs. Docs who care and docs who dont care. Your best bet at finding a doctor who understands withdrawls is going to an academic medical center imho (eg one that is attached to a university)... Generally docs who practice there are more focused on treating patients properly than private practice doctors, who need to worry about managing a busy practice and thus do not get to spend as much time with patients. Just IMHO good luck. And re taking provigil as an adderall supplement... not a good idea if you are trying to quit. Both modulate dopamine and norepinephrine... in different ways for sure... but you are just substituting one addiction for another. And re taking adrafinil... What are you doing to your body? That stuff is awful on your liver. Might as well be drinking a 750ml of vodka every day (at least you will have fun that way). Get some modafinil.. its easy enough to find some online.. modalert or something similar.
  23. Quitting Ritalin/Concerta

    Day 8 clean. Still lazy and unmotivated. Stuff is taking fifty times longer to get done. Impulsive behaviors as well. Being myself is hard because I suppose I don't really know what that means yet. Next week I have a more exciting schedule so hopefully that will get me to snap out of this rut. Will report back in a week Or so
  24. Quitting Ritalin/Concerta

    I know that this forum is about adderall... but does anyone have any experience with this? I personally never liked adderall/dexedrine/vyvanse and always had side effects that were so awful that it deterred me from their use. Methylphenidate is a totally different story. For me (and I know from the internet and from personal experience that more people prefer adderall) I am my perfect self on it. This alone makes it very hard for me to part with it. I have been on it for ~3 years. I rarely abuse it (I have a select few times but they are months on end between), and usually take my rxed dose... which currently is 3 x 10mg tablets / day (has been as high as a 54mg concerta and a 20mg ritalin booster however).... Recently I have been getting hypertension and chest pains so decided to stop taking it. It has been around a week and I miss it. A lot.... I dont know if I am going to be able to make it, but I wanna try as much as I can because I know deep down that this is not good for my body. Have been substituting with caffeine and my bp has gone down a little bit (130/80 versus 140/86). I dont know if I even have adhd. I am in my late 20's currently. I got started on ritalin when a friend of mine gave me an entire bottle of 20mgs she didnt want. Next thing I know I found a website that would ship me 10mg tablets... I purchased 60-100 of them at a time from that website till I realized how expensive it was getting... So I went and got a adhd diagnosis (half assed the test with the intention of getting a rx).... now it is 3 years later or so. I have been so unproductive and unmotivated the last week. Have been making poor financial decisions as well (day trading etc). I am over the worst of the withdrawl at this point and get no physical effects anymore... I just dont know if I want to continue stopping the med or not... If not now tho then when? Am I supposed to be on this med for the rest of my life??? I have not talked to my doctor about this... he would want me to stay on the med. Sorry if this is long winded. Just found this community and ewanted to get this off my chest. Seems real nice/supportive here.
  25. Quitting Ritalin/Concerta

    Well I am not going to lie. I took one tablet of 5mg focalin IR a day after making this post (lasts only 3 hours or so). However since then I have been 'clean'. I believe this is day 4 now then without it? I took it to cope with some bad work related news. obviously retarded of me but I am glad that i have not gone back yet. I have been taking piracetam / aniracetam as an alternative at least currently.. It is interesting... hopefully one day I will be able to totally cut all of this stuff out of my life. Kind of feels like I am cheating using these suppliments but hey.. at least they are not releasing dopamine right? I guess the real issue with me stopping ritalin is I am not totally sure I am doing this for myself. I definitely am doing it for my wife.. and I am doing it for the fact that I do not particularly like being dependent on a pill... However, the stories that I have are not nearly as bad as some I have seen on this site. The drug never made me manic, psychotic etc. I rarely abused it (only once in a blue moon)... I just used it to get work done / go through my day. Has not had any negative effects on me either that I can really see after all of these years (just checked my bp and it was 125/90 so not terrible). Gah Im rambling. I am going to go another 7 days and report back.