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  1. I have been off Adderall for 20 months now. It's getting better but I still struggle with lack of energy. I drink waaay too much caffeine and I don't really like the way I feel on caffeine so I am looking for alternatives. Anyone ever tried the products in the subject line? They say they are non addictive. I'm hesitant to try anything after what I went through with my addiction.
  2. Starting over

    I have struggled with "ADHD" my whole life. I quit adderall 2 weeks ago in a quest of discovery to learn who I was before and what I'm capable of becoming without it. This is the hardest thing I have ever done and I have so many worries about if I'm doing the right thing. Without adderall I dropped out of high school.. With adderall I've accomplished many things.. College.. Excelling in my career.. but I can feel myself deteriorating and it scares me. My happiness feels like it's made up on adderall. So much confusion but I feel I'm doing the right thing. Wish me luck.