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  1. worked 1st day without adderall

    Well Sunday I worked my first day in 11 years without adderall. And today makes my 4th day straight without it. Still really tired but really proud in how far I've come in last 6 weeks.
  2. I've made the decision to get off adderall. A little background been on drug for past 12 years past three months use escalated to 80 - 100mg total daily of xr and immediate release. I've stopped using the immediate release and have begun slow taper of xr. But I am already so tired and still have drug in my system. I have found a lot of good info on this site and trying to keep positive attitude. Any advice on how to end my addiction to this drug would be appreciated.
  3. Beginning Taper will I always be so tired

    Thanks for all the great advice. Continuing to taper off now at 20mg daily. Exhaustion isn't as bad as last few weeks. Trying to be patient because it is hard to know how to prepare because moods are still a little unpredictable. Cravings come and go. Energy level up and down. Moods change often, etc. So ready to be off this drug.
  4. Beginning Taper will I always be so tired

    I need to increase my water intake. I do take vitamins including fish oil and I recently started l-tyrosine. I've been walking 2-3 times a week. I would like to workout more but all I really want to do is sleep when I'm not at work. I know few people just absolutely LOVE to exercise but will my energy level and desire improve where I won't have to force myself to exercise?