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  1. Very helpful!!!

    I think this previous post by Mike is soooo powerful and helpful, specially for those starting their new" life off adderall. I just wanted to repost it for those who haven't read it.
  2. If I take Phentermine, does that mean I relapse?

    Hello Caroline! I just wanted to share I was almost a year off adderall, I was taking wellbutrin which helped a lot. Then one day, I started to take Phentermine which then led me to start taking adderall again! So I would recommend not to take it
  3. Hello! I'm currently taking Wellbutrin, Fish Oil and L-tyrosine; which seem to work very well! I would like to incorporate Lion's mane. Anyone knows if it can be taken together or should I take it at night? Thank you!!
  4. Hello, anybody knows if Wellbutrin and L-tyrosine can be taken together?
  5. Please help

    Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been around for the last couple of days...Well, of course I tried to stop this time by saying to myself I would do it by lowering my dose and of course it didn't work. This may be different for other people but in my case, the only way to truly quit is by not having it anywhere near me. So this is my first day completely off adderall... I'm soooo tired, brain fog, etc. No idea how Im goint to study for the law bar like this...I bought L-tyrosine, i think it helps a little...we'll see!
  6. 2nd day

    2nd day off adderall, trying veery hard to ignore the thougths of wanting to pick up a new script tomorrow😣
  7. Coach_fran, how did you do it? Im currently studying for the law bar.
  8. Anyone knows if you can take L-tyrosine and wellbutrin together. And what is a good starting daily dosage? Thank you!!!
  9. Any recommendations?? I am studying for the law bar!
  10. Please help

    Thank you so much for your amazing post SweetCaroline! Wow what a great story, very inspiring! You should be very proud of yourself! I was thinking of starting by sticking to 30mg (currently I can go up to the 100's) only for studying until the bar in september. What do you think? Thank you so much for your support!!!
  11. get me OFF this freakin' rollercoaster: part 2

    Let's do this together. Lets stop this, for our babies, our family and for us! I have a 17 month old baby. I stopped when I got pregnant and was clean for almost a year. But recently started studying for the september law bar and now I'm back to square one😔
  12. get me OFF this freakin' rollercoaster: part 2

    Hello, I understand compleeeeetely the part about loving your children. I feel exactly the same😣
  13. Please help

    I got pregnant so I stopped taking it. I was actually almost a year adderall free. But the stress of starting to study now for the test got me back to square one 😔