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  1. What is your real name??

    Perullo is my last name, which works well enough for me.
  2. The Root Cause

    Greg, I'll have to give that book a go too. Though I gotta say, the willpower hit is hurting me the most so far. I don't really have a problem with how to organize - just lacking the will to do so. At the end of the day, that one's on my head. But with a slippery attention span, things get a bit more tricky.
  3. When did adderall turn on you?

    When my productivity on adderall starting slipping. I figured it was time, seeing as the entire purpose of me being on the stuff was starting to get diminishing returns.
  4. The Root Cause

    Thanks, HC. I'll have to check this one out.
  5. The Root Cause

    I've been addy free for about 2 1/2 months now. Most of the physical signs of detox have waned substantially (over-tiredness, mega-hunger, etc.), much to my surprise and appreciation. However, I am left with one major problem, which is the root cause as to why I was on addy in the first place: ADD. Like I said, most of the detox symptoms have faded. But I'm left exactly where I was at square one - i.e. problems with attention, impulse control, concentration, boredeom, and so on. So I did some Googling to see what kinds of things one can do to keep the ADD/ADHD at bay, ranging from medical sites to news articles. About 99% of them came to the same (bullshit) conclusion: "Thems the breaks, you're victim - take meds". Livid, I come to you guys for support. How are some of you all living/coping with ADD/ADHD without meds?
  6. Seriously, you two - get out of my head! Also, organizing my task list. Not actually executing my task list mind you, just organizing them. Also, accounting.
  7. The 60 day challange "reloaded"

    Day 61! Woo hoo! And at this point, the extreme hunger has pretty much waned into... well, normally excessive hunger. The main problem for me now is impulse control.
  8. GNC...omg, why?

    GNC, just as most doctors and psyc's, get paid to sell drugs. Yes, they do have vitamin supplements and other stuff that are actually healthy. But bottom line - know what you're getting BEFORE going into places like that. Otherwise the salespeople will just try to take you for a ride.
  9. Yeah, that was one of the top 3 reasons I quit. Maybe even #1. Just got me thinking how much of my life I was missing out on right in front of my eyes, even though it gave me more hours in my day.
  10. Favorite things about being adderall-free!

    -Sleep -Not caring enough to be stressed out -WAY more creative -Sleep -Less planning, more action -Feelings -Squirels -Able to play video games for fun and not have them feel like a "to-do" list -Carrying a human conversation -Sleep -Sleep -Did I mention sleep yet?
  11. A Non-User's Withdrawal Woes

    Welcome to the boards. That is a tough situation. That said, I'm affraid all I have to say will neither be new information, nor anything you probably want to hear, but here goes: I've never heard of anyone going off the rails like that in addy withdrawal. In my own personal experience, I could hardly muster up the energy to get off the couch most days - let alone throw things across the room and attack my significant other. Irritability definitely plays a role, but not to that extent. Kinda sounds like he's got issues that run deeper than just withdrawal. So what can you do about it? Unfortunately, not much. You can tell him how you feel about his actions and behavior and stress the importance of what it all means to you. And you should. But at the end of the day, the choice to be understanding and receptive is on him. If he chooses not to be, then yes, it's on you whether you want to take the abuse (and don't kid yourself, what he's doing is abuse) or "call it quits", as you say. For what it's worth, again in my own experience, the irritability does die down after a time - but not if you're going back and forth to/from the drug. You start from the top every single time you quit. So my two cents: Talk to him. Read some articles on this site. Pick a few favorites and tell him it would mean the world to you if he checked them out. Gage his receptiveness. Then make your relationship decisions based on his response (if any). You can't force something like this onto anybody, but you can take control of your own situation. I hope that helps, and that you get through this okay. Take care.
  12. Robin Willams

    I actually found a really well-written article on that tackles the issue of comedy and depression: Yes, his problems likely stemmed mostly from addiction, but that addiction had to be driven by something.