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  1. 8 days sober!

    Awesome! Good to hear that you are sober now, how I wish my elder brother was also like you. Even though you were just starting, at least you’re doing something to change your life. My brother has been alcoholic since the day after he got involved in a bloody accident, 11 years ago, since then he have been actively drinking till he passed out. My parents don’t know what to do to stop him from being an alcoholic, he always into trouble every time he’s under the influence of alcohol. We tried to understand him since he lost his wife and two kids, but he can’t be like this for his whole life. We already tried to consult some recovery consultant to talk to him and convince him to be admitted in a rehab center, but he’s still not listening, but we can’t lose hope. Currently, I’m searching for some rehab center that can help us, such as this Drug Rehabilitation Center Naperville that I’m reading right now. Hopefully, we will get some help from this rehab center. But if you guys know some alternative ways to help my brother, please don’t hesitate to tell me, we really need help.. L Your reply and advice will really be a big help to us, thanks in advance.
  2. I hate not being on adderall

    hi there! hang in there, everything will be better.
  3. Finally, People Who Understand

    hi first, thank you for sharing your story. i admire your courage truly, for me, you are a inspiration
  4. How I Quit

    thank you so much for sharing! you sir is inspiration! and welcome to the forum!
  5. This has to stop!

    hi welcome aboard!
  6. One Word Status Update

    50% great 50% high