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  1. This has to stop!

    I haven't canceled my next appointment! The consquences are losing the girl of my dreams! I will not lose her!!!!!!!!!!
  2. This has to stop!

    So I'm on my 5th day now without anything! I would pat myself on the back, but I'm normally in this same spot every month! But I guess it's a start!! I have my girlfriend, who is the most amazing person in the world, supporting me through every step of this crazy new world I'm discovering! Wish me luck and good luck to all of you as well!!!!
  3. This has to stop!

    Hello everyone! Well, I've been sitting in front of this keyboard for the past hour and I've finally worked my way down to the message part. I must have rewritten my topic title a hundred times, before coming up with just 4 words. I was diagnosed with say ADHD and BPII almost 10 years ago. I have been abusing my ADHD meds for almost 10 years now! I have pretty much hurt everyone that has ever loved me in my entire life! Dissapointing my 20 yr old daughter and my 24 year old son have become something they are pretty used to. I always said that I could stop, if I just had the right kind of support. Well, the right kind of support and I have been together for about a year and 2 months now. She's the first person that didn't make me feel like she was doing me a favor by sticking around. I love her so very much! This will not be easy, but I am ready to do the work! I miss my family and I'm pretty sure they miss me too! I'm looking forward to making some new friends! Have a great day!!