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  1. I just wanna know what everyone else has been taking to crutch the adderall gap.
  2. Rhodiola rosea

    Rhodiola is an adaptive nice herb from Russia I believe. I originally bought it because it helps your running performance. When I take it my breaths feel more crisp like I'm getting more o2. It also helps reduce blood pressure I Think the stuff is god sent. Of course it is not a stimulant that's for sure! It's hard when your brain is used to going 100 mph then suddenly stopped to a 55 mph speed limit!
  3. I like tyrosine. There are studies that show it's benefits at preventing mental fatigue as well as reaction time. It also is the precursor to dopamine and noradrenaline supplementing is thought to increase the readability of the neurotransmitter.
  4. Hang in there buddy, Sounds familiar to me. Remember adderall speeds up your body so after removing it, you are left with he symptoms you described. You will eventually come back into equilibrium. I think it's great your getting off it. Keep going.
  5. Forced to be 6 days sober....

    Hi brandy It's been a few weeks since I quit and I feel good and bad. Probably the fact that your on his site in the first place means that you have the strength to pull yourself through. For me the social benefits of adderall was my favorite, like you mentioned at work. I couldn't work without adderall, or people would make me feel bad and I was a lifeless zombie like you described. But things get better as cliche as that sounds. Remember adderall is a love option that tricks your mind into believing everything is enjoyable. This however is false lol people hate work and people just think your weird if you enjoy it. I love how mila mentioned her realization of her dependency. Let me tell you from the bottom of my heart. The grass is indeed greener on the other side. I never have to worry about my prescription anymore. I can stop and close my eyes and enjoy the breeze on my face and enjoy my life again which you will too. I can drink coffee again to also. Good luck brandy You can do it!
  6. Is stopping the adderall saving your brain?

    You are correct. I have read article on brain damage from adderall. Excuse the lack of citation. But supposedly especially taking more than your prescribed causes substantial brain damage. Like if you took a double dose to get euphoric. I think rhesus monkeys were involved so you know it was legate! But sadly I think your completely right about your brains ability to naturally produce it being diminished:(
  7. What have you learned from recovery?

    I learned that it's ok to be afraid, when I was on adderall I didn't care what anyone thought. Adderall was a crutch, but this was unnatural. I learned it important to accept who you are, and if your not happy with it improve your self naturally. Addy was bad cuz it made you always want more and more but once it wore off you were just you.. Again. Not superman/woman. I learned that you are who you are and no drug will change that. One of my problems was that if my relationship with someone was with adderall-me I was afraid to show them regular-me in fear they wouldn't accept me or like me.
  8. I felt like my life was on fast forward. I didn't have time to stop and enjoy the moment. I felt like I was rushing to the end of my life.
  9. Adderall social hierarchy?

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone else felt more mature on adderall. I personally felt like I talked to people like I was ten years older, when using. For example I felt like i moved from the kids table to the adult table at thanksgiving dinner. Not only that people would way over guess my age. I'm 22 now and they would guess 28,25,27. This also lead me to believe this. Could it be that adderall turns on parts of your brain that don't develop until a certain age? Anyways now clean, I feel like I was demoted to the kids table again! This is depressing, but I know I will eventually get there again naturally! It's funny how were in such a hurry to grow up! Adderall granted me a artificial ability to talk to people. Many people looking back we're intimidated by it. But now I'm back to square one. What are your experience? What do you think about my interpretation? Did anyone else feel their social status elevate on it?
  10. I've never taken Klonopin so you don't have to read my post of you don't want to. It's sounds like the side effects of coming off klonopin really suck. I do not know what you are going through but I can be empathetic. As for doctors yes, it seems like a lot of the times doctor completely drop the ball. I would say just by the fact that you joined this forum and posted this, that you have the strength in you to get off klonopin. It seems like a lot of people have success with Wellbutrin. Best of luck mate.
  11. Finally, People Who Understand

    Adderall makes life falsely enjoyable that Is one aspect that is potently addicting. This feeling only increases with the increase in dosage. This forum is very therapeutic so it's good for venting such as this. It's sad to hear that someone my age has had such a tough run around.. It makes me glad I got off it when I did and I didn't have suffer like you have. I'm sorry you had to go through this. Drink green tea it will make you feel better.
  12. Hello all I was wonder if anyone else's biggest drawback from being adderall-free is what I'm experiencing. Low self confidence. Poor social interaction. I've been going to the gym and I'm hoping that can make up for the confidence gap. I know testosterone is associated with dominance and confidence. Just wanted to see if testosterone was a good filler for adderall? What are your experiences?
  13. Favorite things about being adderall-free!

    My favorite Having legitimate feelings not fake addy ones Normal heart beat someone else mentioned, I like that. I can play guitar again. I used to write funny songs it all went away on addy. Knowing that I will live longer without it. I felt like I was racing to the end of my life on it. My true passions. I now value my friendships and family. Not stressed out. Finished my mulch job finally Not having people call me weird or crazy all the time. ( I hated that and addy made me not care)
  14. I'm taking it now and I'm skeptical. It makes me tired but I'm hoping I adjust to the side effects. I'd say it's worth trying
  15. I hate not being on adderall

    My name is mark, I am a 22 year old male. I went to college for nursing and failed all my classes. My doctor prescribed my adderall and it changed my life. I flew through nursing school and I felt like a normal functional person. I could finally talk to girls And had high confidence. But I knew it was bad for me, and it was killing me. I thought hey why not live a short life vs a long failure filled one. My doctor took me off adderall and I am now on strattera. But I am afraid that it won't work. I was so awesome on adderall and now I feel like such a antisocial loser. I can't talk to people confidently now. I love how I was when I was on it. I am scared that I will never be as awesome as I was on adderall. But I had to quit I know it's he right decision but I hate who I am without it. I don't stick up for myself anymore. It made me the person that I always wanted to be and now that it's gone I feel average. For once in my life, on adderall I was special and above average. I was different, kind, funny, and smart. I know that I will never reach that height again and it breaks my heart. People loved my so much and I felt no shame or pain or embarrassment ever. I was superman and a fast talker. Now I'm just like everyone else. Not special, boring, self conscious, shy, scared, stupid, all these things that were cured. I wish I could feel like I did on adderall forever but never actually take it. I've been off adderall for about a week now and life has never been so gray. I'm afraid my friends and peers won't like me anymore without it. And I'm afraid of failing. Girls deff don't like me anymore due to my inability to form coherent sentences to them now. I was so smooth every girl wanted me and I knew it. Of course there were negatives to the drug, insomnia cured by melatonin, burned out crack look Weightloss which helped me with running. Tachycardia hypertension heart palpitations with caffeine. I thought the drug was warring off, so I would take more this lead to addiction. When someone was mean to me at work I would take more to professionally mentally screw with them. Without it I feel like I'm not good enough and now I care what everybody thinks. This strattera stuff sucks.