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  1. I am 5 days clean from Adderall. I have quit once before, for 89 days, with the help of AA meetings. I had been using for 6 years. I'm feeling lethargic and experiencing mental fog, among other withdrawl symptoms. I want to start taking supplements. I was thinking B-complex vitamins, Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, 5-HTP, and Ginkgo Biloba. Has anyone used any of these or this combination and had good results or improvement? Does anyone have a better suggestion? I am not interested in energy drinks, but am open to suggestion, other than that :] Please share (Also, i'm new here and not sure if i posted this question in the right spot on the forums. If not, please direct me to the right place? Thanks, fellow quitters)
  2. Adderall + Pot

    I can definitely relate. I've been a polysubstance abuser for years now. Its tough... but you've taken a great step in realizing that it may do no good to just quit one thing, while still using the other as a crutch. Ultimate freedom from substances controlling you is going to feel great. I wish you luck. I am going through the same thing.. but only a few days sober. Keep in touch with us here
  3. new here. my story...

    Hi everybody Just want to share where I'm at with my struggle I guess... Not sure how to fully use this site yet lol, and it doesnt help I'm using my phone... Needless to say can't wait til i can get to a desktop! Anyway, Ive been self-medicating with Adderall for about 3 years or so now. In the past I would take it here and there, recreationally. Then i became reliant on it in college, where I starting taking it each school day. Then i continued taking it not just for school, but at work too. Being somewhat socially awkward around new people, it made me feel confident. And as most know, school was easier, more pleasant, and just an overall better experience while on it. I began relying on it for almost everything. Days i wouldnt take it i would use as my "lazy days"... But as i try to kick the habit, these lazy days are not enjoyable anymore, as lethargy kicks in. And thr days I take adderall are not enjoyable either... I have developed a case of OCD, have become irritable, and i do not feel like my old self anymore. I feel like this drug has tricked me into thinking everything was bright, breezy, and that I was confident and likeable and more social. It has tricked me into thinking I could be a good student and worker with it. But I've come to realize the only way I will reach my true potential, and be a good student and person is if I can get adderall out of my life for good. I've found this to be difficult, and I hope this site can help. My creative side has diminished... I no longer spend time doing things i used to be into... And that is something I really really want to get back. I feel that adderall has put up a blockade. The opposite of what I thought it was doing... It sucks but I have high hopes. I would love to make it through 30 days and start to feel better.