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  1. Over 30 Days And Counting

    Interesting thanks for the update I'll take it to heart. Wow a month for every year I would have quit a long time ago if I knew it was going to be this difficult.
  2. Adderall + Pot

    Took adderall during the day, got my shit done drank beer, smoked weed, and took either xanex or klonopin to come down and it was awesome back in those days but I kept oversleeping and being late to work. This led to much tension between me and my boss. Thank goodness it was real hard for me to get my hands on anti depressants otherwise I would be addicted. I always felt that if I quit adderall I would be able to easily quit both drugs and alcohol. So far it's working for me and I hope you are doing well.
  3. Just wondering if anyone wants to meet in the southern Arkansas, or North Texas area? I live in Texarkana
  4. Yoga

    I went to my first class yesterday with my trainer at my gym. I had actually been to a few on adderall lol so I wasn't as clear headed surprise surprise. It wore me out for a little bit but since it was beginners I wasn't as sore as I thought I would be. Hope you enjoy yours
  5. I have been taking adderall since I was 19 years old, and now I'm 33. I first started to taking it only once a day for classes during college. After awhile like most speed it got addictive and I would either take more as the pressure built or if I had more tasks to do. At one point in my 20's I easily could swallow 6 30mg's a day for a total of 180mg's although I'm pretty sure that number was more like 10 and 300. It basically got to the point that I couldn't do any new or simple task without popping a pill Anyway over the last few years I reduced my dosage to about 20 mg's and was able to find it a little easier to drink or smoke weed myself to sleep. Which is essentially what I did when I was on the 30mg's just more hardcore I think adderall was one of the main reasons I got fired from my previous jobs because I would either come in late because of the drinking or I couldn't get along with management. Recently I was hired into a position that caused me to move to my hometown and temporarily back into my parents house. The first few months I was still taking adderall b/c of my grad studies. And I had a lot of tasks that needed to be completed at work Well anyway I decided that once my grad studies were over with and my tasks at work were finished then I would quit cold turkey. It has been very difficult these past 4 weeks and I feel like a zombie at work. I'm real lucky that this job is really laid back b/c if I would be in real trouble if it wasn't. Around a month before I quit I hired a trainer at the gym I joined. In addition I started to read Game of Thrones which is an awesome book and TV series by the way. Being non - productive at work is really bugging me but I feel that I'm making a few strides. Luckily everything has fallen my way to where I haven't had to shoulder to much responsibility. I did take some heat from my boss for having my legs propped up watching videos on the internet instead of working but I think I got that taken care of:) I didn't think it was going to take several months to shake out all the cobwebs and it does suck but I think I'll be much better off in the long run. Even now it's taking a lot out of me to write this but it does help. The exercise is giving me a lot more confidence in myself and yesterday I took my first yoga class. I probably looked stupid but since I quit taking adderall I don't worry about things like that anymore I just focus more on being myself. Today I found out I came in 2nd place in a gym attendance membership contest that my gym was holding and it felt awesome!!! I do have a question for those who situations are similar to mine. Can anyone give me a basic idea on how long these cobwebs do last? Also I wish everyone out there the best in their recovery I for the most part will be continuing to update this message board and I hope to hear from anyone and everyone who happens to read my story.