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  1. New here need answers

    I am 53yrs old started taking adderall in may 2012. I had been diagnosed 3 yrs ago for the purpose of 1 having the ADD documented 2 to try medication. I tried back then liked at first then quit I can't remember which 2 meds I tried but I tried 2. it was great at 1st and I lost 20 lbs then I lost myself. my son had died a year before so i concluded that was why i didn't like the effect of the meds. the other part of why i quit is they seem to quit working. I decided to try again this time because i have gotten so behind on yard and and housework and gained a bunch of weight in the last 2 years i thought i would lose my mind sooo overwhelmed.( i had both knees replaced sept 2010 at the same time) not to mention all the other life-changing events in those 2 years. I got a perscription things went really well the 1st 2 months or so i stayed focused got stuff done didn't lose much weight this time. problem is now i am back to be overwhemed and cannot focus again. is it normal for someone to go back to ADD after only 2 months of taking meds? i did up the dose 10mg still not good. Do you think could someones condesending comments about how i am not getting things done in a quick enough fashion and thay they could have it all done in 1/4 of the time have that much of an emotional effect that I just shut down again. what ever it is this sucks. please help. dazed&confuzed Ps does adderall make you sweat