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  1. I've taken this supplement a few years back, and I've recently started taking it again. I don't notice any benefit from it mentally, what have you all noticed as far as benefits when you've taken it? Maybe I should try it for a few weeks before I knock it
  2. I started taking this supplement nightly a few nights ago. I have been in an abnormally good mood the past few days.. it could just be me feeling slightly better, not exactly sure. It's worth a try
  3. Jackson, TN

    I've been off adderall for quite some time, but it would still be nice to have someone in the area to chat with when times get difficult. If anyone is in the area, you can message me and we can set something up.
  4. Luckily, we have it easier than meth addicts.. and a few people here have claimed to return to normal completely. Regardless, it's an interesting article.
  5. Eminem MMLP2

    That song is good as well.
  6. Eminem MMLP2

    Anyone heard any of the released songs off the album yet? I heard "Rap god" and was blown away..
  7. Eminem MMLP2

    It leaked. Get it and listen to "Groundhog Day" so nightmarish I love it.
  8. Eminem MMLP2

    Yes it is, it's bonkers..bro.
  9. You have to sign up for "Genesis Pure" to get the products, which is BS.. just get it off EBAY
  10. This stuff is very expensive but very well worth it, gives you everything you need PLUS some
  11. Before and after photo

    I'm familiar with that, it makes you forget that your body needs food..
  12. Before and after photo

    I figured I would post this for motivation for those that look in the mirror and see a corpse, you can and will return to the way you behaved and looked before.
  13. Before and after photo

    I'm not even sure, 6 months plus.
  14. Before and after photo

    Ha, yes.. I just don't eat tons of protein all the time.. I have too much going on to have stomach problems constantly.
  15. Nike Plus App

    I need more people on my NIKE plus, I hit 700 miles and want some competition. If you're interested, add me at "Lightjogger666" on Nikeplus.
  16. Breaking Bad

    I just recently finished "Breaking bad." The finale was one of the best episodes I've ever seen.
  17. Ran into old Adderall buddy

    Yes, it'll definitely make you boring as all sin. You sit there contemplating on what to say like it's the end of the world ALL the TIME.
  18. Adderall is evil

    I'm not. I've been feeling okay, mainly just stressed with school. Yes, I've just been adjusting from military to civilian life. How have you been? There's an entire new croud here, it feels odd to not see the same people posting.
  19. Adderall is evil

    and I haven't used it in forever. I can't remember the last time I hope all is well with all fo you.
  20. I'm impatient.

    I hate that I relapsed, I know dwelling on the past is illogical, but we aren't entirely logical beings so I do occasionally dwell on the past. If I hadn't relapsed I would be at the point around now when others have said they started to feel better, but no.. I'm at the two month mark (almost) I feel bland, boring, still putting on a mask daily and pretending to enjoy life day after day. Life is a fucking chore, maybe I should try some anti depressant other than Wellbutrin (which made me an emotionless robot)
  21. has anyone else heard of this? I ordered some a long time ago and have been taking it nightly, it seems to make my dreams vivid and it's supposed to fix alcohol related damage in the brain. I do, however, find it odd that it's been recently taken off
  22. Well it happened.. first adderall dream!

    Good job, I'm jealous.
  23. How long does it take?

    I love the responses to posts like these, they let me know it's definitely worth it to stay clean.
  24. If you're looking for a boost for exercising, honestly..try it. I've run 8 miles today so far, and I could easily run more.