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  1. Ashley6, thanks for posting back. I apprecaite the optimism. Maybe it's just time, and she is doing better. When you were on the medication, did you lose your affection for your significant other?
  2. Almost 50 days off adderall and things are significantly better. But her interest in spending time with me is not there. It's like a depression but not... lots of sleeping, little motivation (I'm very supportive), and not really communicating with others yet. Still anti-social in a way.
  3. Kyle_Chaos, how long have you been off Adderall? She has been off for 17 days. She says she doesn't feel really any different. Before adderall she had a happy, fun personality. Now she is an emotionless robot who just cares about getting things perfect. When things are perfect, she complains about how long it took. there is never any fun in the world, just work and getting that work done. She never abused, but was on for about 2 years. She cut down and finally went off. I have noticed some reduced anger and anxiety, but not the happy personality she used.
  4. Scottie, that's exactly what happened. When she started to take the medication, I noticed she was a bit 'different'. 90 days after she was on adderall, I approached her and said "you seem like your not yourself, like your capacity to be happy is gone". That made her furious, and the slow slide into hell began. At 14 days without adderall her anger and anxiety seem to have been reduced. We have had some actual good days!
  5. I'm not on adderall. Someone I care for is. After a year and a half, they have come off the medication. They came off by reducing the amount, then 10 days ago stopped. At first, they were bubbly, happy, full of life. Gradually, anger, depression, negativity and the inability to either deal with life and people became the norm. Through it all, an almost robotic personality that simply got things done, with no happiness, became it. So, does this serious personality change actually happen with adderall? And, if so, how long before the personality traits are restored. They never abused it, just took the 30mg prescription every day. And my big fear: could this personality change be permanent?