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  1. Coffee or tea throughout day, and a B-complex daily. Not daily, but do take extra Calcium and Magnesium powder that you mix with warm water, its called Natural Calm. Natural Calm helps me with headaches and anxiety. I have to tell you the taste is not great, I picked the lemon/raspberry one and its better than plain. I just mix it let it cool down and guzzle it down quickly.
  2. straterra

    Did you end up trying Straterra?? How is it working out for you?
  3. I take the B-complex in the new soft gummy form and it does seem to help my energy levels. I would say try it. You could also stop by a Health Food store, where there is a type of pharmacist on staff to help with herbal pills and help explain what will and will not work together.
  4. Quit cold turkey or taper off? What did you do?

    From everything that I have heard and read tapering may be less shocking to you. There is a ton of info. out there beside this great forum, so do some more research for yourself. I would work with your physician/psychiatrist/counselor. Some people may want ongoing counseling or a treatment center (rehab facilities are there too). It is a personal choice and how you react and feel may be very different from someone else on this forum. I found one link for you (google search, not real hard to do) that has more info, since you are asking for feedback: Best of luck to you, making the decision to stop, is the 1st step in the RIGHT direction. You can do it!!
  5. Adderall-Addict

    So how are things going now? Are you still Adderall free? Did you end up going to any counseling or rehab center?
  6. unintentionally swapping one addiction for another

    Beverly I am always hungry...I love being hungry and loving to eat food...its a bad combination. I don't call it a food addiction though. During recovery its ok to switch to something else like food or TV. That guy above sure gave us a great list to watch...although I dont sit still during the day long enough to watch any show. Still have ADD behavior. What I am changing at home is to stop buying junk food, easy snacks, full of empty calories. Now I buy crispy veggies and fruit & nuts to fill my cravings. Low sugar yogurts and granola I love for breakfast but then by 10 am I am hungry again. Then a cup coffee and protein bar to fill me up. I get hungry mid afternoon and will do a cup of hot tea (quick energy boost) with 1 cookie (can't be totally guilt free). They do have these 100 cal packages at the grocery stores in the cookie aisle. So if you love food and eat throughout the day, like me, then try to make good healthy choices. I can't go completely diet & sugar free, but I try to pick low calories when possible. I make my own lunches so the sandwich I eat is not 800 calories as some store bought ones are. I cook at night, and use a small plate to serve myself. You are always one meal away of being back on track! I keep that motto. Trying to stay on track is what we need to do one day at a time, all year long. Whether food or medications or alcohol...keep the faith and we can recover.
  7. Do any Doctors Even Understand?

    Has anyone considered taking the next step...if regular doctors cannot help and just want to give you other meds to coverup what Adderall left behind...then seek some sort of in-patient facility (rehab). (Not sure if there is an outpatient option) Under the new insurance laws (ACA) all new policies have to cover drug & rehab. If you have any sort of (non-gov't) insurance you may have more options than you realize. I found this may help one of you, if needed :
  8. Anyone here completely back to normal?

    Senplate, I am glad you are feeling strong after 60 hours...hopefully you will keep this feeling. If things change come back to this forum...we are here to help and support. The withdrawal effect is different for everyone, so maybe you can be one of those few that recover more easily. For you I hope so!!!!!!
  9. Isolation on Adderall

    This is a feeling that I can relate too. Family gatherings....make a cameo appearance and leave. Just wanted to run as soon as I walked through the door. Forced to eat at a sit down dinner for the holidays...when would the dessert be ready, so I can leave! It does get better with time and staying off Adderral. I needed to rediscover who I I a different person all together, can I find my old self back, or a combination of new and old??? Its a work in progress.
  10. Out of Nowhere, Like a Freight Train

    Hyper Critical, I see many great replies to your post. I can't add much more, but getting a "system" of organization does help. I do the same and I keep lists (paper ones and my google calendar which shows up on my smart phone) Hope you are hanging in there or doing better. Let us know how things are and what changes you have made? Are they working for you? It may help the next person on this forum.
  11. I just clicked the link and read the whole article and commented on their site as well as this one. This is a tough subject due to the news media not paying much attention to it and many people are unaware of what they are doing to themselves. Here is what I posted on the original website: Wow, I would like 9 or 9.5 hrs of sleep. Good recommendation but not practical. High school aged kids have to not only attend school, but then have their clubs or sports teams to go to after school. When they finally come home for dinner it is homework time. Seems like not enough hours in a day. I can see why students may resort to Adderall, not that I recommend it. I think only those properly diagnosed with ADD or ADHD should take that class of drugs. The world has become or does it just appear to have become so it the teachers or parents making it more challenging. I don't know? Are the parents pushing the kids to achieve more and do more...all to get their resume for college to look more appealing. Do we have ourselves to blame? We are a new generation of helicopter parents, we are so involved unlike any group of parents ever has been. Then we let our kids go off the college and pray they survive...can they exist without us telling them what to do every step of the way. Lots of them can't....they don't know how to think for themselves or make decisions. If you are not used to making decisions and weighing pros vs cons, I can see someone out of desperation seeking help from pills. Once on Adderall it is very hard to get off...and that I can talk about for hours. Seen it up close and personal so to speak. This article does not really address that part of the problem. But other places on the forum do and many other websites online. Here is one place for that sort of info if you need it...I have visited it several times So what is the right answer?? To take it or not....I would say "not" unless clinically diagnosed and it is a qualify of life issue and then maybe take a newer drug not Adderall with all the side effects. I wish doctors would explain to parents and patients how hard it is to get off the medication. The process one has to endure to try to find their "normal" life back.
  12. when could i expect to feel better without adderall?

    You CAN do it, but it will not be an easy quick fix. You need to work with your doctor and make a step down or taper off plan. Not over one week time period but over weeks, maybe a couple of months. Your brain is so used to getting this stimulus, it would not be good to go cold turkey. If I can make another suggestion is use forums or websites to research and understand what to expect as far as withdrawal symptoms. Recognize the signs when you are feeling them, will hopefully let you know you are on the right track, but just need to hang on a little longer. Also, letting friends and family know you will be taking this step to get off Adderall, will let them know why you may not seem like yourself, why you are behaving weird or badly. I think having a support group of friends and family (or co-workers) to encourage you stay off and hang in there will be a tremendous help. It won't stop the withdrawal symptoms but you are not alone in it. Finally, give your doctor/nurse feedback as you go down in the dosage so they can see if you are doing it too quickly...maybe need to keep the same level a little longer...before stepping down again. This is a process and not an easy thing to do, but also NOT impossible. How long it takes will depend on how your body responds, and it is different for all people. Some even go into rehab. Keep coming here and other websites if you need encouragement. Wouldn't it have been nice if the doctors in the beginning had told you how hard it would be to get off the medication!!!
  13. Articles on Adderall...

    Great to have this forum as a resource, I will do my share and post where I have gone several times to read and reread things. Best wishes to anyone needing the help. Good luck and you can do it!! Please do not attempt this quietly all alone.