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  1. I tried all the gnseg capsules... panax, astragalus, asian combos of the ginsegs with other herbs and it wasn't cutting it. htp=5 put me to sleep. L-tyrosine didn't cut it. I was still sluggish and poorly focused. Ive been trying to read as much as I can on google scholar and medpub about what works.... and then trying it for myself. Right now things are going somewhat well through the day with blending fruits and veggies at least 1x day (I use a lot of spinach as I have an iron deficientcy), I take Curcumin (Tumeric concentration), Ive read articles about how this has healed ppl who are brain injured and healing their brain...I ordered this on amazon. I take Juiceplus which is almost 6 lbs in a capsule of fruits and veggies. I order it from this lady online I take 3,000-6,000 mg of Omega 3, and I take a considerable amount of Kelp and NOW Vit C w Rose Hips. I need to order Cherry Tart concentrate again for sleep as I was on it earlier and it helped my sleeping more than now that I used the whole bottle havent refilled it and my sleep has been terrible the past month. Juiceplus I only take in the morning bc if I take it at night I am too hyper. Kelp I take when I wake up and throughout the day and try to not take any a couple hours before I go to bed bc I have a lot of anxiety when I go to bed now for some reason this time coming off adderall for the 2nd time. I take omega 3 all through the day spacing it out throughout the day til I sleep and I take the Vit C at night. If I take it in the morning I get too tired. and I take about 3,000-5,000mg. Curcumin I take first thing in the am. I am trying to incorporate D3 into my day but haven't figued out what is best time to take it. I have read a lot of journals on D3 on how it heals the body in general. On top of all this I have changed my diet. I eat "clean" which means I am eating mostly vegetarian dishes and eating meat only once or twice a week. I couldn't take caffeine for the first couple months getting off this second time bc my anxiety was so high. about the 5th month I felt fatigue even more than any other month. I have used a little caffine either black cinnamon tea or a little bit of coffee. The fatigue before i started adderall was bad as I could easily sleep 18 hours no problem with no drugs that was just naturally. Fatigue has also been a problem in my life. But now with anxiety and fatigue it makes me feel a mess. AM: Juiceplus Curcumin Omega3 Kelp Afternoon: Blended fruit and veggies Omega3 Kelp Night: Chery Tart Concentrate Vit C D3
  2. Quitting Adderall

    Hi, I am looking to meet other people who have had horrible experiences on adderall and desire to recover. In 2008 I started Adderall as I started to pursue a degree in College. In 2011 I experienced a trauma and I don't think being on Adderall helped. I was on Adderall 7 days a week 20 mg a day. I stopped taking addy for about 9 months in 2012 and then went back on it for almost 2 years. This time I am quitting bc I had almost all the side effects from adderall. I have 6 months clean right now. I feel the first time I came off of it I went through a lot of physical pain as well as mental but I healed only go back out on adderall. 2nd time quitting the side effects have linguered and wondering when I will be getting better. I have changed my diet completely. I have started clean eating, juicing, taking Juiceplus which is a veggie and fruits capsules, omega3s, and kelp. I have been doing everything I can think of and read about to get better .. People had said I could have had a psychosis the 1st time I got adderall but I didn't think I was experiencing those types of things until this second time around where some really horrible stuff has happened. Since quitting my brain has felt like it is melting and I feel like I have had brain damage. I am better than the 1st day I quit but it seems like an extremely slow process... much slower this 2nd time around quitting. I was borderline narceleptic before getting on adderral in 2008 and I did have ADD. I think bc I experienced this trauma in 2011 just made everything worse in my life and are now suffering side effects from this drug.
  3. Quitting Adderall

    Thank you roobiki. Congrats on your one month! I had lost my faith the first time I got off Adderall for 9 months and then went back on to adderall for almost 2 years still trying to get my faith back as I was devout in my spirituality before I even got off of adderall bc I didn't think anything was wrong in using adderall as I was using it as prescribed or even less than prescribed. This second time around quitting and having 6 months now is completely different than the first time. I keep trying to cleave unto my faith and spirituality even though it seems like it is non existant some times. This second time around I went into a psychosis which intrusive and bombarding thoughts hit my head every second questioning my faith trying to change how I looked at things and preceived things. Thoughts about even if I was on planet earth. They were the stupist thoughts I've had and I do believe this was a psychosis bc I have never thought of stupid thoughts like this until this second time around on adderall. These thoughts have really started to destroy my faith ... I am still trying to stick in there and try to ride this thing out.
  4. What kind of natural iron supplements where do you order them from.
  5. Quitting Adderall. Progress 9mths later.

    Congrats on the 9 months!
  6. Do any Doctors Even Understand?

    I saw a couple doctors which all were pretty bad. I have a family member who works at a Rehab center and he says it could take anywhere from 6months to a year to get out of the side effects and or a adderall induced psychosis. Although I have read some stories online of it taking up to two years. Most doctors want to rip you off of adderall and then place you on other drugs like antipsychotics which can induce you even more into a psychosis. I just feel weird from going from one drug to the next. The first time I got off adderall I went off of it cold turkey, dealt with the horrible stuff for a couple months and got through it without the use of meds. But I also went back on it thinking a traumatic episode I had was the problem and not the adderall. I am 6 months clean now from adderall. I had to take some non-narcotic drug to sleep at night for the first couple months. Sleep is hard now where on addreral and before adderall I could sleep from 9-18 hours no problem. I have ADD without hyper activity. I am borderline narcelepsy before I started taking adderall. I am off of all meds and trying to just ride this out and treating it holistically through Juicing, blending fresh fruits and veggies everyday, taking Juiceplus which is fruits and veggies in a capsule, taking high amounts of omega3 (3,000-6,000mg a day) and A LOT of kelp. I have noticed that getting off adderall I go through intense periods of wanting to fall asleep when I wake up in the morning and throughout the day and the kelp seems to be helping. But at night I have high anxiety, I have had bad dreams, I have woken up hearing stuff. I am having a way worse time this 2nd time around with trying to quit. The side effects of the drug have gone beyond the drug helping me any more. I have eliminated alcohol from my diet completely since 2012 also.
  7. Quitting Adderall

    Ive been trying to read on adderall induced psychosis on medpub and google scholar but haven't found really any medical information about getting out of a psychosis besides hearing other people to stop doing adderall if you get into a psychosis. Ive read some stories of people being in a psychosis up to 2 years after quitting adderall. I don't think I would have even gotten on adderall in the beg if I knew you could go into a psychosis let alone have your brain melted off by using it. I have no prior drug use or prescription drug use before adderall and I have no known mental illness in my family. I was a very spiritual person before this happened for many many years. A lot of the side effects seem like they are spiritual issues... I am attending a 12 step group as apart of my recovery.