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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings all!!! Many of you may know me & Many of you may not. In either case, my name is Freedom's Wings. I am an oldie but goodie on this site I was actually the creator of the 30/60/& 90 day challenge on this site, which became really popular and served to be a great & highly effective tool in helping many others on here get that 1st 90 days clean. While helping others,I also gained motivation from you guys and also achieved my 1st 90 days clean. As I log in today for the 1st time in I have no clue how long, I am pleased to see the 30/60/90 challenge torch still burning brightly & helping others to kick this insidious drug. Anyway, It is for reasons stated above that it took me so long to come back. I wanted to be my own success story, also in order to encourage others that quitting adderall for good was possible, I decided for a great while to stay in the shadows. However, withholding information is still a form of lying. And so...With my personal life having changed very drastically since my last time on here..I have finally decided to resurface. The truth of the matter is that for a while I did remain clean.I'd say for a good 5 or so months anyway,so for anyone on here who knows me, if you do the numbers... 📊📈📉 😖 Yep! I relapsed quite a while back and have been using,abusing, & giving myself reasons to use ever since then. I've been tampering with the prescribed addy dose either higher or lower..usually in line with my stress level,but Recently I have taken amounts that even terrify me. So..Yeah,With that I'm back. P.S: Is there anyone who could point me to the nearest 30 day challenge around here?? #DON'T Be a Stranger #BE WELL..