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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Quitting Adderall Forum Members, A brief disclaimer: queries of Tinder and OkCupid on this website yielded no results; hence, why I'm posting about this: I have another topic that I urgently need some input about: Taking Adderall & Using OKCUPID/Tinder? vs. Not Taking Adderall & "Attempting to Use" OKCUPID & Tinder? What are your experiences using any/either of these apps on/off of Adderall, amphetamine, stimulants, etc? As a millennial, I believe this is why I'm asking this question: because nearly all millennial's use these apps to meet partners, date, etc; Adderall does not help, either. IT JUST DOES NOT SEEM "FAIR": Last month when I relapsed, as in with my last post titled HOW THE POLICE STOLE MY LOVE OF ADDERALL detailed/ATTESTED TOO, I coincidentally, as well as extemporaneously, messaged a girl who was tall like me, 6ft+ Plus, on OKCupid. Now, she is infatuated with me. Should I give credit to the Adderal for the impulsivity for messaging her? This whole thing just feels like a "RUSE": Adderall gives one the creativity, confidence, and the mindset to have the confidence too message girls who normally are out of my league? Its just absolutely crazy: On Adderall: 1) For me, its very hard to shake the feeling of success from: 1) Taking 60-90mg of Adderall, drinking a few RedBulls, a few Beers, perhaps taking some magnesium for NMDA Antagonistic purposes; 2) Messaging beautiful, highly college educated women, especially in graduate school programs and/or law school who are around my age; 3) Having them reply to my conversations, agree/want too meet up, and we consequently go on dates from there, the girls become infatuated with me, accepting me for who I am, "Adderall or no Adderall." VS: 2) Being Sober on OKcupid or Tinder: You send message after message, yet no girl responds. I MEAN IT! I have literally had 0 girls respond to my sober messages on either of these dating apps, sober, without Adderall. YET, with 30mg, 60mg, or 90mg of Adderall, it seems like every girl wants too talk too me. Maybe this is because Adderall gives me the 'confidence' to talk with such beautiful, attractive women; whereas I do not possess this ability or attribute sober without Adderall? Please, Adderall Forums Members, share your experiences regarding this subject matter: 1) Taking Adderall and using OKCupid or Tinder to communicate with potential dating partners, compared too: 2) Not taking any Adderall and using either of these dating applications? I am sick of this.Its always when I'm sober that I don't want too go meet someone, whereas if I had an Addy, I would want to go out on a date with whichever attractive chick the Adderall helped me real in. IDK. AM I alone in feeling this subject matter to be very tricky to navigate tactfully? Currently, I feel on Adderall: I can respond quickly to women's messages in an attractive manner. Off of Adderall/sober, it seems like each message is a tedious chore to write. Adderall makes the words flow from the tip of my tongue. SIGH. Any/all of your input is greatly appreciated! I hope everyone on the forums has been having a great night! I am 31 days SOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Okay, sorry if this is long. I'm so turned around and I just need to get it all out. I've been thinking about quitting lately. I've made a couple of attempts in the past but always end up back on the addies or some other stimulant. I know it's destructive but I think I just haven't found the internal motivation to follow through. I love being creative and productive and social all the time way too much to do the smart thing and worry about my undoubtedly increasingly unbalanced nuerochemistry... or my health... or the prospect of my life turning into 'Requiem for a Dream'. You know, typical addict stuff. But I met this really great guy and I REALLY like him. Like, oh man, we super click on a lot of levels. But I definitely don't want to put someone I really care about in the position of being an addict's partner, especially because he has dated a junky in the past and that sorta contributed to his life going off the rails. So, my options are now; 1) Keep seeing him and lie - Bleh, been there, done that. So much no. I want to be better than that. I HAVE to be better than that. 2) Tell him about my addiction and let him decide what he wants to do - I feel like this is the right, courageous, and most ethical thing to do but the mere thought of saying the words 'I am addicted to adderall' to this person makes me shakey. I am historically a relationship addict (not as much so now that I've replaced one addiction with another); and the prospect of facing dissaproval and abandonment from someone I'm romantically entangled with instills the fear of death itself in me. Or that's what it feels like anyway. I feel like I can't do it, like, physically, if that makes sense. I feel like my throat will close up or I'll throw from nerves or have a panic attack or something if I even try to have that conversation. 3) Same as above (tell him) but also explain that this means I can't be involved with anyone right now. I think there might be some virtue in completing my adderall saga, whenever and wherever it may end, alone. I don't want to do damage to anyone but me. 4) Make some excuse to stop hanging out or dissapear mysteriously and hope it doesn't bum him out too much - I would be epically sad, but this would be the easiest thing to do. It's also the most cowardly. If I could be brave enough to tell him what's going on in my life, and he still wants to hang out with my crazy ass for some reason, that would probably be on the condition that I start working on quitting now, which I'd be willing to try again, but I feel like I'd fail because I wouldn't be 100% certain if it was for me, or if it was just for him. I don't know if I'm ready to quit. I'm so pathetic... I'm co-dependant to the point that I don't even care enough about myself to stop using tweak, I need 'love' or whatever the fuck you call what co-dependants feel to motivate me to save my own goddamn life. And even if I didn't have those issues, I'm pathetic because I'm choosing drugs over spending more time with someone who I think is totally awesome and I can't even work up the guts to tell them. Can anyone relate? Thoughts? Advice? Man... I feel like the worst person... =(