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Found 1 result

  1. What was your withdrawal like?

    I was on adderall, 2 antidepressants, xanax, and marijuana for about 2 years. I never took over 60mg of adderall in a single day but I've been having the most horrendous indescribable withdrawal experience I've ever heard of. I'm 16 months clean off everything and still have severe symptoms. I'm wondering how much of it was the adderall or the combination or if something else is wrong. The first 6 months I could literally barely walk or talk. I was horribly dizzy, had tunnel vision, double vision, slurred speech, an alzheimers-esque memory (I'm in my 20s), couldn't think in general at all (I had a psychiatrist test me and I had a150iq as a kid and now it can't be over 100), terrible food sensitivities that would make all my symptoms flare up, slept 15 hours a day, constant urination, couldn't smell, had trouble hearing, and felt generally disconnected from the world and even my body, I still can't feel pleasure, I have no interest in things, I can't focus on anything. It was absolutely debilitating and I've been genuinely traumatized by the experience. I've recovered a bit in all these regards but am still horrifically fucked up for such low doses over such a short period. I'm wondering if anyone else here had such a severe and prolonged withdrawal? What were your guys' symptoms like? How long have you been clean and when did you feel fully recovered if you even do? Do you think we will ever make full recoveries?