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Found 1 result

  1. I hate not being on adderall

    My name is mark, I am a 22 year old male. I went to college for nursing and failed all my classes. My doctor prescribed my adderall and it changed my life. I flew through nursing school and I felt like a normal functional person. I could finally talk to girls And had high confidence. But I knew it was bad for me, and it was killing me. I thought hey why not live a short life vs a long failure filled one. My doctor took me off adderall and I am now on strattera. But I am afraid that it won't work. I was so awesome on adderall and now I feel like such a antisocial loser. I can't talk to people confidently now. I love how I was when I was on it. I am scared that I will never be as awesome as I was on adderall. But I had to quit I know it's he right decision but I hate who I am without it. I don't stick up for myself anymore. It made me the person that I always wanted to be and now that it's gone I feel average. For once in my life, on adderall I was special and above average. I was different, kind, funny, and smart. I know that I will never reach that height again and it breaks my heart. People loved my so much and I felt no shame or pain or embarrassment ever. I was superman and a fast talker. Now I'm just like everyone else. Not special, boring, self conscious, shy, scared, stupid, all these things that were cured. I wish I could feel like I did on adderall forever but never actually take it. I've been off adderall for about a week now and life has never been so gray. I'm afraid my friends and peers won't like me anymore without it. And I'm afraid of failing. Girls deff don't like me anymore due to my inability to form coherent sentences to them now. I was so smooth every girl wanted me and I knew it. Of course there were negatives to the drug, insomnia cured by melatonin, burned out crack look Weightloss which helped me with running. Tachycardia hypertension heart palpitations with caffeine. I thought the drug was warring off, so I would take more this lead to addiction. When someone was mean to me at work I would take more to professionally mentally screw with them. Without it I feel like I'm not good enough and now I care what everybody thinks. This strattera stuff sucks.