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Found 2 results

  1. Since quitting adderrall over a month ago, I did a 10 day raw juice cleanse (25% fruit and 75% veggie). It helped me tremendously with focus, energy and lifted my mood when coupled with Vitamin D intake from 1-2 hour morning walks outside. No heavy exercise the first few days though, to avoid migraines. After that, regular exercise and consistent diet to maintain. 2-3 cheat meals a week. Although, I didn’t maintain this last week and gained some weight back. So, I’m starting another cleanse Monday. Does anyone care to share their story with a cleanse or diet/exercise routine that diminished their adderrall withdrawal?
  2. I've been taking adderall for 5 years. I binge 4 days than off a week and so forth I'm in therapy and I'm determines to stop. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good body cleanse ??! To just clear my body brain off of this. To just cleanse my self like a first step for me is obviously stop but I would like to do a body cleanse. Feel clean Thoughts? And I have b6 b12 magnesium zinc b complex l tyrosine and l theanjne and I'm not sure when or how to take these for the aftermath of coming down and quitting Any advice would be greatly appreciate