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Found 2 results

  1. Good books to read ?

    I'm a reader I like self help stuff but also biography not so much learning about amphetamines or any of that I want to read a new book about inspireig people I love bohemian healthy zen like charectors and People so reading about people like that help me feel Inspired to be the best woman and individual I can be.. That's for me. I'm looking for something like that now but I'm open to ideas! Suggestions? What are some major feel good life change books u guys have read and recommend
  2. I was just thinking to myself how much adderall strips away your confidence. Because you grow so accustomed to doing things with it. It becomes in the adderall'd persons mind the reason behind successes. As I'm sitting here with all these books, I realize this is going to be a process of rebuilding my confidence, proving to myself I can do reading, complete homework without it. I took my first quiz today, worth like a hundredth of my grade but I got a 100% but that tiny success gave me this feeling that my brain can work without adderall, that i didn't do so much irreperable damage to it. I'm so grateful for this weekend, it gave me sometime to just hideaway and unwind from the first week of overwhelm. I can't believe its only been a week. it honestly feels like ive been here for much longer. edit - Also getting used to being around people all the time, lol. Sooort of..