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Found 1 result

  1. I've been taking a trace mineral called Indium since I quit. I picked up a book by Dr Robert Lyons called Indium the missing trace mineral. I came across the book through a series of what I call strange synchronized events. Anyways I ordered two bottles of Indium drops, one called Indiumease and the othere is called Idium-AWS from indium for life. Reason I started taking it, is Dr Lyons book he claims that this mineral is a cure for ADD and also restores hormone balance. I've tried this stuff for over a week now. Things I've noticed - My vision has become better, the second day of taking this stuff. I took a short nap after ingestion and woke up seeing, really crisp and clear, almost like HD vision. I'm still dealing with brain fog, but I went to the YMCA and swam like Michael Phelps (not really) but I swam more laps than I usually can handle, my body was not tired, but my muscles became exhausted to the point of cramping up on me in the pool. If that makes any sense. I'm on day 9 of being adderall free, and my recovery does feel like I'm getting better quicker. Supposedly it increases vitamin absorption by something crazy stupid like 200-300%. There is an interesting video on youtube on the stuff, I think it's titled Indium Remineralization? Other thing I've noticed is less sleep, I'm waking up 2 hours earlier feeling pretty awake, but I roll around in bed, till I go back to sleep. Stuff seems to be doing something positive. Anyways I'm not trying to sell the stuff, I'm just curious as if to anyone has tried it. Things I've been taking Indium - when I first wake up L-Tyrosine - 15 minutes later Multivitamin Zinc Magnesium/Calcium Iron Olive Leaf for immune Colloidal Silver, some.