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  1. Okay, Hi. Before I start this topic I know you guys have experience on this as you all have probably had some form if contact with the drug Adderall. I have barely any experience and i've only been researching for about a day. So in no way am I saying that I know more than you all. Because I don't. I also want to tell you guys about myself before I explain my issue. I'm a freshman in high school with a pretty good bit of knowledge on philosophy. Specifically epistemology if that helps any. I'm normally an A to B student, not a straight A, but my grades have been slowly decreasing ever since two years ago. I've moved around this earth as I grew up a military child and that's subject to change in less than 5 months. I've dealt with people that took a variety if drugs and drugs in general aren't very new to me. I'm very sure I have some form of depression. Likely chronic, not major, as i've felt like this for a long time. It's just been progressively getting worse. Enough of myself. I made this topic to ask you guys if taking a low-dose (10mg) of Adderall a day is something I should do. I was introduced to Adderall from a fellow classmate and she gave me three 10mg immediate release pills. I've heard about Adderall a good number of times in my life and I knew it wasn't a drug that was as dangerous as some other more well-known drugs. I took all three pills (12:00pm), which I do admit was very ignorant for a first-time dose. I didn't feel much until towards my second-to-last period (2:30pm), that's when it kicked in. I was failing that subject at the time and with the Adderal I got a 30 up to a 70 in a mere 45 minutes. I completed more than 5 assignments and finished up sone work from other classes. The feeling you get from that drug is so great. It had to be the best i've felt in a few years. It lifted me up from my stress and sadness and gave me a new perspective of life. It is 2:27am right now and I can't sleep because, of course, insomnia. I was curious to see if Adderall was a drug used to treat depression. It is. I've thought about talking to my therapist and doctor about getting it prescribed to me, because I think it would be more effective than just an antidepressant alone. I just want to know if you guys think it would actually be beneficial to take a low-dose of Adderall daily. So that's why i'm here. Also, if you think that I wouldn't be responsible with the drugs, I don't think you're right. I know myself to be very responsible about things like this. Then again i'm not saying there isn't a chance where I could abuse the drug. There could come a time where I would, but I only plan to take it in 10mg for a single day. And when I notice that the drug isn't lifting me up as much as it would when i'd first start, i'll slowly come off of it and them start back up again a few weeks later. (That is only a mere plan, it can easily be changed if I find it not logical). So guys sorry if I made errors in that, it's really late and my phone is dying so I didn't bother to revise. And i'd greatly appreciate if you guys could leave your opinions. Thanks.