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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, So my bf's mom is really into health/natural healing and supplements over medications, etc. and she knows I'm into it too and recently told me about this stuff called "Cellfood" -- I just picked me up some from the health food store and I'm trying it out. I think I may of added a little too much to my water or I drank too much at once because I'm a little light headed right now as I type. But I always love trying new things and sharing it with you all because others can find it helpful (maybe)… This stuff is supported to help get the nutrients IN and the toxins OUT. This Cellfood "is the only formulae that can nourish, clean and detoxify the cells! It's made from the very finest all-natural plant sources, and is rapidly absorbed and utilized at deepest cellular levels." Apparently "Cellfood" supports: enhanced energy levels, immune system function, cellular oxygenation, breathing function, alertness and concentration, normalized pH, digestion, nutrient absorption, removal of lactic and uric acid, recovery from injury, bacteria and parasite elimination, mental focus, regularity and elimination, immune system function and neurological. So I'm trying it out, just started today and I will report back later, maybe tomorrow or in a few days or week or so and see if I notice any difference. Also, I am slowly weening myself off of Zoloft right now so I have a lot going on. I hope this will help with the weening process.