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  1. I just joined this forum and looking for support. Here’s my journey! I’ve taken Adderall for over 10 years; I started at age 23 when my mom gave it to me to lose weight. She kept refilling my brother's old Adderall medication, even though he stopped taking it. Yes, my mother was my drug dealer. I was diagnosed with ADD at age 7, but she decided not to medicate me then. So even though I was offended at the reason she gave it to me, I didn’t think I was abusing anything since I was diagnosed, right? Things were “great” for a few years, I did lose the 50lbs I gained post-college, applied for, and graduated from grad school, and moved multiple states growing my career. Then about 6 years ago, my sober boyfriend (Heroin) stole my Adderall and started taking it. I quit right then and there so it wouldn’t be in the house. I remember the withdrawals being terrible, but so many other things were happening during this time that I didn't pay attention to how it affected me after the initial 3 weeks. Shortly after he stole my Adderall, he relapsed again on heroin, and I finally left him after countless rehabs and emotional abuse. I was incredibly depressed and withdrawn from the world for over a year after that. I did see a therapist, and that helped a lot, but I still didn’t think I had what it took to overcome everything by myself. So I started retaking Adderall about 4 years ago because I thought I needed it to be functional again, I Iacked so much self-motivation. I did “successfully” re-enter the world with Adderall, advanced my career, and more importantly stayed single so I could break the terrible relationship patterns I’ve had since I was 16. Shortly after, my mom’s supply was finally dwindling as she was no longer getting refills. I was worried about running out. I set out to legitimize my addiction, I found a doctor to give me a script in my new state. It was terrifying, and I felt like a total fraud, but I got it done. And then I used my old pink pills for weekends and going out. For the last year, I’ve felt that I couldn't physically take Adderall 7 days a week, my body told me I couldn’t handle it, and so usually 1-2 days a week I've been fucked bc of withdrawals. I’ve wanted to officially quit because I didn’t want a drug to control me, but I didn’t know how I could manage the withdrawals full-time. I am a new director for a tech company, I have a side business, and I do improv 3-days a week. Always an excuse. Then COVID-19 came along, and I knew I’d never have another chance like this to be home for this long uninterrupted, so no more excuses. The first 2 weeks, I started tapering during workdays and went cold turkey on weekends. Then I got the coronavirus and couldn’t work anyways, that was April 30th, and I haven’t had a pill since then, and I plan to continue cold-turkey. I’m grateful that I was able to leverage this quarantine for my wellbeing. I finally feel better and kicked the worst of the withdrawals and higher spirits, yet still a little foggy, though. I am terrified of PAWs. I just want all of this to be over. It’s been a wild 10 years. Before I started this journey, I didn’t think my addiction was the same as my ex’s, but it is... he couldn’t function without heroin, and I thought I couldn’t function without Adderall.