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    Getting rid of the world I built on adderall does not come easy. Each day is a struggle. Still I know my worth and the value of that worth, which is why I will continue to fight on until this battle is won! From the makers of "The 30 Day Challenge, " lol.. I present to you, "The 60 Day Challenge!!" This idea is the brainchild of myself and a good friend who goes by the name of Lunax on this Site. The format is simple, as it is merely a continuation of "The 30 Day Challenge!!" The 60 day challenge is designed just as the 30 day to keep those taking it mindful and accountable, while feeling supported, on a daily basis, along the road to recovery. This challenge does not take away from the 30 day, instead it makes room for more people to join the fitting "category," while we continue to check in with and support each other. If this in any shape or form resonates with you, do not be shy, feel free to create your own version of this same challenge or won't you join us right here in taking "THE 60 DAY CHALLENGE!" Here are the easy to follow guidelines: -Daily (preferably) log into this site, this forum, and simply "CONFIRM" or "DeNY" your ability to abstain from adderall for that day. Ex: Day 39: Confirmed! See..Easy as pie. Lol. Well for now I will leave you this, "What matters most is not how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up! " Also, for those entering this second leg of the journey, you may have begun to develop a few new "healthy habits," feel free to list those here, eg., diet, supplement tips, or maybe a new workout plan. Til next time, If not good, may you be Well!