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Found 2 results

  1. I'm very curious, how many have seen obvious, negative psychological changes in your spouse immediately after taking Adderall? When my then alleged spouse of 19 years first took adderall, the change was very obvious, almost like she was possessed by a demon, no joke. I do know of others who have had similar experiences, and their spouse was not on any other prescriptions like antidepressants or narcotics. The adderall alone changed their spouses into strangers. After our divorce, I allowed her to remain in my house, to watch over our son and take care of our 7 cats and 2 dogs, most of them we rescued, had for over 2 to 9 years. When I traveled overseas, she EUTHANIZED ALL OF THOSE ANIMALS! These cats & dogs were like our children, what kind of person would do such a thing? This destroyed me.
  2. I was prescribed adderall by my family doctor, after seeing a psychologist as required. In truth, the adderall had no real affect on me other than lack of sleep and loss of appetite. I lost approx 5 Ibs without much effort, and my wife of 19 years noticed this quickly. To be clear, I did not have a weight issue, however, my wife believed she had an issue with weight. She asked if she could try my prescription at a lower dose to see if it would work on her, then she would pursue the doctor for her prescription. I was hesitant to do this, but she was adamant she try the adderall just for several days, to make sure she doesn't waste her time going to the doctor. I relented, a huge mistake. The adderall had the desired affect, she lost weight quickly. But something else happened, her personality changed almost immediately. I truly believe this was the marking point of the end of our marriage, her personality/psychology was permanently altered. I stopped giving her the adderall, she was supposed to see our doctor to obtain her own Rx. Over several months i still received my adderall Rx, but rarely used it, and I stored it away. After the Rx ran out, I stopped obtaining refills. As for my wife, her behavior had changed for the worse. While on a business trip, I received a call from her out of nowhere, asking for a divorce! I was in complete shock, in disbelief. I ended by business trip to return home, my bank accounts emptied, the house empty of her belongings. In addition, by adderall that I had stored away, was all missing. My spouse was no longer the wife I remembered, and what she did to destroy me was unbelievable. I had hired a PI to gather more information, and it turned out that she had had over 4 affairs, one of which was an attorney that worked at the the same office she did. Apparently, for at least a year, she was preparing for the divorce. I even found papers where she was going to have me removed from our house, the house I paid for, mortgage under my name, under the pretense that I was violent or physically abusive - all lies. She confessed to me that she decided not to, because she did not want our son to see me go to jail. According to my attorney, the real reason was that she would eventually go to prison for lying on a government document, deceiving the court. There is much more to this, this is obviously an abbreviated version of events. When I look back at the horrors, brushes with death I've endured while in a military environment, I would prefer to relive the Hell I went through, almost at death's door, rather than going through what my alleged spouse put me through. After 5 years, I can now say thank God! I'm starting a new life, hopefully a new family. I truly believe adderall's affect on one individual to the next can be very different, and possibly very destructive. I lost a total of 24 years of my life, and thank God I'm barely young enough to start over. My ex-wife's family are still close to me, and they no longer communicate with her at all. My anger and resentment is replaced by the knowledge that God will take care of everything, and everyone involved.