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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone! I’m relatively new to this site and have done a lot of reading of your posts. Thank you all for being so great at sharing your struggles and successes. I’m planning on taking a break from working when my job ends at the end of August and that’s when I plan on quitting cold turkey. In the meantime I wanted to ask if anyone is experiencing extreme fatigue and exhaustion while on adderall, not while quitting. I’m taking 15mg XR and 20mg IR daily and these past few weeks I’ve experienced extreme fatigue, complete exhaustion, labored breathing and just feeling unwell in general. I went to see my doctor who isn’t the best in my opinion (I often have to guide her to get to a diagnosis) and we found that I have low iron. I’m going to pick up my prescribed iron supplement today but some of the symptoms I’m feeling I’m worried aren’t from iron deficiency and wanted to check with you all. Has anyone experienced this? Should I go see a neurologist? My insurance will end in August so it’s important I get checked before that happens. thank you in advance for any insight and I apologize if this is in the wrong thread

    Procrastination is my new word for much of my Adderall recovery! While I have experienced and continue to experience many symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue and memory struggles; procrastination seems to be the winner! I know am actually still capable of a lot, I just often seem to wait and wait and wait. Not sure what I am waiting for? The withdrawal to suddenly end on its own?! Whether it's to get up and get a little exercise, head to the store or call a certain client at work it can be a struggle to "just get started" on some of the simplest of things. Funny if you google "drugs to help procrastination" the first thing that pops up is Ritalin, Modafinil and Adderall. Lol Anyway not sure there is a quick fix besides taking it a day at a time and forcing ourselves to keep busy but thought I would share!
  3. this is so hard

    -I've used a LOT of adderall ever since I began attending law school over a decade ago. I heard of other students taking it to get and stay ahead in a highly competitive environment, so I jumped on that band wagon. Since then, I have had periods where I have stopped taking it. About three and a half years ago, I went through a really bad break up and changed jobs. I got back on Adderall. At first it helped tremendously with my mood, losing weight, being able to work and not think about my broken heart. About six months ago, however, I began burning through my perscriptions really, really fast. Like two weeks early. And then I would be in withdrawal til the next script day--which was like Christmas. But even with those scripts, the first couple of days would be good and productive, but more and more, i felt less and less like I did anything besides sit around and think. So, eventually, when I had burned through a script really fast, I decided not to keep taking them--figuring that the worst of withdrawal was over and they had become counter productive anyway. For several weeks I did feel like I had a new lease on life. Laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, shopping, household projects were all fun and I was doing them all because it just felt good too--not because I was in absolute dire straights to get them done for the first time in i can't remember how long. But that feeling seems to have worn off too. now I just feel tired, and a lot of anxiety. I know it is work related, but it is so hard for me to get any work done. It's been about 30 days since I quit. I also used to be a big pilates buff and I cannot even seem to get the easiest workouts completed, but when I feel that anxiety I try really hard to exercise to help relieve it. I'm glad I'm not living on adderall, but I still feel miserable. How can i get myself into good work habits? how can i get myself in to good eating/exercise habbits? how can i manage this anxiety/depression? thanks all for listening.