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Found 2 results

  1. Panic Attacks

    Hello, I was on Adderall XR 20mg for about 11 years (starting end of high school). About 4 years ago I had my first panic attack. It turned into a full-fledged panic disorder and totally screwed up my digestion. Granted I was a workaholic on adderall, I never really sweat the stress, in fact I enjoyed stress and problem solving. The panic attack first happened when I wasn’t even that stressed. I went on anti-depressants (on top of adderall) which helped mask the panic but I balloooned 45 pounds (thanks to adderall wearing down my metabolism). Thanks to EMDR I was able to get off antidepressants and decided to also get off adderall. It’s been 6 months off adderall and antidepressants and the panic attacks have returned. Has anyone else had this experience? Anyone else experience panic attacks toward the end of long-term adderall use and see them pop up again during withdrawal? Will they eventually go away? I’ve tried all the therapeutic options but I tested for low norepinephrine so I think it’s biological more than psychological at this point (which is how it started in the first place). If anyone can relate or have any advice on dealing with long-term adderall-induced panic attacks I would love to hear from you! Thanks, Andy
  2. Strange sensations?

    Hi guys, Has anyone experienced any weird things since quitting? I know that sounds very broad but my experience is very hard to explain. Anyone feel anything like a change in consciousness? Increased sense of touch? Feeling hyper alert? Any big changes in thought processes? When I was in the shower 2 nights ago, I all of a sudden had the sensation of "coming back into my body." When I say that, it's because after experiencing THAT feeling, it made me realize that I had not felt I was actually "in" my body for a really, really long time. I could really feel the water on my face. The skin on the rest of my body actually had sensation. I felt like every sense was heightened x100. It was so overwhelming that I thought I was starting to have a panic attack or seizure or something. It started as very positive but then quickly became almost too much. For the past few weeks, I have been coming close to having panic attacks when I am driving home on the freeway. It happens almost every day. Each time I take a xanax and I make it through, but my therapist says it is strange that the close-calls have come up out of the blue. But that's a whole other story, because he also says that some issues we have been talking about in therapy could be contributing to the anxiety. The difference with the other night is that it didn't feel like panic initially. I have felt emotionally and physically numb for a long time, and after reading a lot of the posts on here, it probably had a lot to do with the adderall use. This is why I am bringing it up with you guys, to see if anyone else has had the same overwhelming experience. It was so strong that my first gut reaction was to take a xanax or drink something, but then I caught myself and realized that would be specifically trying to numb myself. I told myself that if it was indeed a panic attack, I was safe at home and could work through it. The "attack" didn't happen: it really was just super-heightened senses. I cried and didn't know why. And when it started to go away, I tried like hell to keep the feeling around. After about 10 solid minutes, it started to fade. It was totally gone within like 30 min. What has hung on, however, was a different thought process. It hit me that I cannot stay in my relationship much longer. The idea of wanting to leave is not a new one, but it was something that I was kind of putting out my mind. Now I can't stop thinking about it. I'm not doing anything about it yet because I need to make sure that I'm not just freaking out in my head. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Michelle