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  1. Hey guys, I've been having a very rough time lately, staying focused and trying to stop romanticizing my former Adderall use. Despite my 3 month sobriety from it, my job is becoming extremely stressful and tiring, on top of me being an already lazy person, that I keep trying to reason with myself about taking some every now and then.. for just this day, or for just this week or month. But I know that is a horrific relapse waiting to happen again, and I do not want to deal with the lack of energy and the increase in appetite again, especially at a time when there are no vacation days coming up. So I decided to come on here and hear what helps to keep you guys motivated and away from that junk pill? I think this kind of thread might have been started already.. but maybe it wouldn't hurt to start another one, again? For me, one of the biggest motivators was the severe hair loss and dandruff that I experienced, which made me wonder if I will be completely bald in a few years, if I continued taking this stuff. Also exercise had always been my go-to stress reliever, but when taking Adderall, I barely had any energy to exercise and lost all muscle, endurance and strengthen. I also stopped caring about other people completely, and this caused me to get into a lot of fights, both in my personal and work life. Let me know what helps to keep you guys clean, I can really use some words of wisdom right now.