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Found 1 result

  1. I was prescribed Adderall from 2000-2014 with the dose increasing to 160mg a day for the last 4 or 5 years (from 2009-2014). During those years I had psychosis, auditory hallucinations and OCD all of which have disappeared since being off the drug for two years. My primary reason for deciding to pursue action now after much deliberation is that this week I've been wearing a heart monitor 24 hours a day and the cardiologist just called to say I have severe palpitations (that I can feel and had felt for years on adderall). The electrophysiologist said I have Atrial Flutter and I have to go in next Thursday for a echocardiogram. The drug has such a high risk for heart problems and the dose he prescribed was toxic. The one difficulty with the research regarding heart problems and Adderall is that most research is based on normal doses of 20mg or high doses like 90mg. I don't think there are any studies of the effect of 160mg of Adderall a day for years. That amount is more similar to meth or cocaine (unbeknownst to me back then) from what I've learned recently. Also, I had high blood pressure while I was on Adderall and the psychiatrist insisted (to the point of an argument) that it was from weight gain rather than the 160mg he had me on. I have had normal blood pressure since going off even at a higher weight. Do I have a potential law case against my psychiatrist who prescribed me 160mg of Adderall a day? I was told that was 4x the recommended dose. (If anyone knows where I can verify that, please let me know.) Thank you for your help!