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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! Long story short about four years ago I quit adderall after a long time of use and abuse. I got back on it about two years ago, started to reabuse and am now 30 days clean and feeling great! I was taking about 60-120 mg a day so definitely took a few weeks of withdrawls etc. I started seeing a new psychiatrist who I was very honest with and helped me taper off the adderall, now after 30 days she has started me on straterra. Today was the first day, 25mg. She said this drug is not a controlled substance, and is not known for being abused etc and can help with ADD. I don't know how i feel about it. I seem to just be kinda blah today and was wondeirng if anyone has found success with this drug or think its best to just stay clean from everything overall? I would appreciate any insight or suggestions! I really do struggle with ADHD and am mostly concerned about weight gain, as I went from 120-165 the first time i quit (i am a 5'5 26 year old female, and was 23 at the time). I've gained about 10 pounds since in the 30 days of being clean which isn't terrible but anyways if anyone has any tips or has taken straterra or any other drug that is worked for them that is NON ADDICTIVE would appreciate your comments!! thanks and love you all! xo
  2. Has anyone had any experience with straterra??? If so please share....i cant take it anymore....i need help.... my backround is a severe adderall addict. Stimulants of any kind if not adderall. Also have terrible adhd though. It is very hard to be a parent and set good examples for a child when i cant even take care of myself properly, the laziness from quitting adderall is unbearable.