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Found 3 results

  1. I'm working on cutting my last 50mg adderall/ritalin dose down and it's been proving incredibly difficult. I was taking 3x50mg combined doses per day but am down to just 1 in the's almost impossible for me to get out of bed without it! So, to help, I ordered some 300mg adrafinil capsules online last week (at the suggestion of user nouedis) after doing a lot of research on it and they got here today. If I like it and am interested in pursuing it more I'll ask my psychiatrist for some real prescription modafinil when I go in in a couple weeks but I wanted to try it NOW It seems the average dose range people find effective is 100-300mg, but a few use 600 or even 900mg. I thought 150mg would be a good starting point. I just took half a capsule and will report back in a bit!
  2. Just wanted to say really quickly that I read all of the posts about supplements and have tried several. The L-Tyrosine and Omega 3's have really helped, and I can tell the difference when I have not taken them. Michelle
  3. Has anyone tried Focus Formula with attention factors? I got it from a local GNC and it seems to work pretty well! Let me know what you think... It includes DHA, Huperzine-A, and Vinpocetine along with things you would expect. No caffeine though.