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  1. Spitting Venom

    Hey there, long time adderall user here. I'm 22 and i've been on it since i was 10 roughly. I'de like to share some things. And let it all drop...(current tunes)>>> So nobody can save me, but myself. I must REMEMBER what my soul said off meds... and is ultimately saying to me now..(if you don't sleep you can feel again) (it's a small window of freedom in this addy-prison) freaking quit that stuff right? Yeah preaching to the choir here....i mean if anyones reading this...i just hope this gets through to someone. so i've been on 30mg IR's, twice a day, for about 4 years now? and yeah it's starting to take it's toll on my memory, appetite, and sleep schedule ten fold now. I have tried so many times to quit and been through this SO MANY TIMES that talking to anyone about it is fruitless... i'm sure a couple of you are the same a family member or two on them as well eh? end of the day depression crash? THE PERPLEXING SYMBOLISM WHEN YOUR HAND IS SOOOO MUCH COLDER THAN YOUR PARTNERS WHEN YOU HOLD EACHOTHERS EH?? HAHA? why i think i see a pattern. that being said...I'm not special at all. nope. ...but that can be changed YOU can change. Not even by that much either. a couple chuckles and some fresh air find something worth dying for ...i know it's EXTREMLEY GRUELING to face things..... you love?! when you've been watching them through the floorboards softly whispering "i love you" YOU KNOW WHAT GO TELL SOMEONE YOU LOVE THEM RIGHT FLIPPING NOW AND COME BACK AND FINISH THIS...maybe you won't need to.............................they gone? Okay, I have tried canceling my script Tried flushed them Buried them (try it) weening cold turkey vivancse... So i know how all of you feel!! Shit lately i've been taking 80+ a day!!! Where do i go from here? Quite the slippery slope!! I always let it kinda get to me, but latley it's noticably been the bane of my mother-fucking existance....sorry if i come off as cold or blunt, for i've been through this far, far too many times it's stupid. im stupid sometimes. but that should be okay right? yes it should. IM STUPID. derp. TODAY MY FELLOW FIENDS... ( i know i make it sound dramatic and rediculous but this kind of jargon appeals to all audiences apparently...) betchu can't remember the last time you said 10 statements in a row on adderall. "sorry...what?" exactly. ugh i hate that sheez. that's why im quitting. you know? DONT UP DOSAGE DO DOWN UNO. for you my...friends. do it for this person writing right now. it's you. you remember you? the little kid with the baseball cap or disney princess dress (or both) running around the front yard being just okay with things nothing is half the deal it usually is on adderall you know?... it's kind of sad but not as sad as im making it hahahah...HAHAHAHA....sorry too much on the laughter anyway. HEAR ME. IM ANYTHING BUT YOUR ENEMY. IM YOUR INNER-SELF!!! -peace