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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Everyone! Just wanted to shoot you all a quick update, it's been a while since I've posted anything. I know a lot of people come to this site for information about recovery timelines (including a bunch of lurkers who never post anything) so I thought I'd contribute some recent developments regarding my recovery. Stats: 5'5'', Female, abusing up to 200 mgs daily for 7 years, 24 years old and 120 lbs when I quit, minimal exercise throughout recovery process and a pretty unhealthy diet. I just passed the 14 month mark, and I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still feeling cognitive improvements. I thought that I'd "back to normal" by the year mark, but I'm still feeling better every day. I feel 85 percent back to "normal" at this point, hoping that exercise and spinach will push me to 100 percent by month 18 but who knows. I will say that my exercise routine and diet have been awful recently, and I might be further along in the brain-healing process had I been more vigilant about healthy habits early on. It is what it is, though. I plan on making both more of a priority from here on out! The big development these past few months is that I feel like my emotions have finally started to regulate themselves. I no longer have mood swings! I have a really good idea what my emotional baseline is, and am finally able to accurately identify feelings and their causes. I felt physically back to normal around month 7, but this emotional acuity is new! I just love you all. I've browsed this forum every week for the past 14 months and have really come to depend on you all and the stories you share. Never doubt that you're helping people because you've truly been an integral part of saving my life, all of you. What a fucking beautiful day to be clean. <3
  2. (since this is an update, here is my first post on this forum for anyone who cares: Hey guys, dunno if anyone cares (thought this might be helpful) but here's an update so far: I'm still following my cutting down schedule, and so far I've gone down from 60 mg to 50 mg a day (almost to 45). When I type the numbers, it seems like I've lessened only a minuscule amount, but I definitely feel the difference already. It's kind of surprising, actually. First off, yeah, the appetite thing is noticeable, but a few weeks ago I suddenly had this urge to start drawing and painting again. I used to be really good but after I went down the whole adderall thing, I never ever worked on my art again. I wasn't even good anymore, and I had no desire to do it because I didn't even feel creativity to create the motivation. So yeah, for the last few weeks I have been doing nothing but working on my art again and I'm so surprised at the insane shift getting off adderall is doing... I honestly didn't even connect why I made the jump back into the creativity until maybe a week ago, but it all makes sense. The hardest part is the weird withdrawal feeling. It's so difficult to describe. It's like I feel restless for no reason. Like I want to break out and do something, but I rationally know there's nothing to do. It's just this strange "trapped" or uncomfortable restlessness that is tough to deal with. But I'm writing and drawing for the first time in maybe 4-5 years or something. And I actually finish what I start too. I'm glad I have this to fall back on, because it's definitely helping the process for me. I even notice myself laughing more and being less robotic/super focused, hahaha. I am feeling less motivated to do the daily stuff and sleepier, but I was expecting all that to begin with. Anyway, hope this helps someone (I was debating on whether or not this would be interesting to even write, but who knows). I'm glad I randomly came across this site because I know in the long run I will feel better. Thanks guys