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Found 1 result

  1. Its been 3 years n some months since my Wife discontinued her adderall which she was prescribed very young. She quit at 22 now soon to be 26 and she still has not improved much. I say that in meaning the psychological ways she was affected havent reversed or changed or unzombiefied. Idk . It took a long time to realize that she has been going through post-acute mental withdrawal, very very post and not always so seems some days that she absolutely has no ability to see any wrong doings of her own nor is it easy whats so ever for her to accept any responsibility for things even small common mistakes. ( similar to the mind set of someone still on adderall) She seems to have no empathy at times for few health issues i have that causes me extreme pain at times. For the first 2 years her sex drive was very very low. And she Was awkward and even shy with me in bed after 2years of being together and 2 years off of the addys. Even after reassuring and complimenting her . she has no focus. Forgets almost everything i tell her to take care of throughout the week and for the most part i feel as if shes always ignoring me because she CANNOT PAY ATTENTION FOR MORE THAN .5 OF A DAMN SECOND LOL. I feel as if this adderall that she took for so long has permantly ruined her brain. I feel so guilty because for so long i criticized and complained to her about all this and just thought her to be a kinda narcissistic. Over time and just recently come to realize that these issues began very heavily at the beginning of our relationship when she simultaneously had cold turkeyed her adderall after years. I now wonder how long this will take to see her energy back fatigue and anger and mood swings GONE!! She is not an addict just very very add and i think was put on adderall too young for too long . any one still experiencing something similar after 3 or more years of quiting??? Thx P.S. i know for a fact the she has been off of this medication. Shes not an addict and i know she hasnt been hiding adderall abuse etc from me.