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  1. Day 14.

    I’m still feeling great. Two weeks in and I know I can do this. I feel like such a better mom... I feel like I connect more with my daughter and that’s the only thing keeping me from getting back on. I’m nervous to tell my doctor. I guess that’s the addict in me talking. Ive noticed I’ve slept sooooo much better since getting off, I don’t have to take Benadryl or sleeping pills to sleep. I take melatonin gummies but I only take two per night, sometimes I don’t even need them. Has anyone else noticed weird mouth problems since quitting??? I have like permanent scars (maybe geographical tongue) on my tongue from pressing my tongue to my teeth constantly when I was tweaking. Also my back doesn’t hurt as bad and my joints aren’t nearly as stiff. sorry this post is all over the place, as you can imagine I’m extremely scatter brained lol. Any advice for fining the first month of sobriety? I’m trying to stay positive!