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  1. Oh, man. I had a skills' test I had to take for a job I was applying to. Instead of going to bed at a decent hour, I decided to stay up all night researching Excel and binging vyvanse. I showed up for the skill's test cracked out of my mind. What was supposed to take an hour turned into 7.5 hours!! Lol. I didn't even finish it. So embarrassing. I ended up working in a different department at the same company, and I did embarrassing stuff there, too, like being an hour late multiple times. 

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  2. Hey purplepen! 

    I wish I could say I have relapsed as many times as you. I guess I have relapsed two times? One time officially. I am on my fifth day clean right now. Before I relapsed, I went a little over 2.5 months without taking stims. 

    At least you have energy and feel great after quitting. The 2.5 months I was clean, I did not feel great. 

    Maybe try setting small goals? Like, go a few days and then increase it to a week, etc. 

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