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Found 2 results

  1. Some of the terrible things I'm reading here is really upsetting, I'm praying you all succeed in quitting all fraudulently promoted mind-messing drugs and dicover actually beneficial alternatives. I wanted you all to know that my ex-husband is telling me he benefited greatly from a ketogenic diet, I'll perhaps try it but I'm a bit afraid of losing weight on it. His depression is gone he says, he can't stop talking about how much better his concentration is. My own concentration was damaged by an overdose of a stimulant asthma inhaler I was given at an emergency room about 10 years ago. I've had good results from Transcendental Meditation and Reiki energy healing, I'm currently a Reiki Master. My asthma is gone, my ability to concentrate has never been better. It's taken me many years to get here but each year I've felt better. I'm completely convinced that switching from drug to drug and going up and up on more and more harmful chemicals only serves to drag one into worse and worse mental and physical equilibrium. Psychiatry is a huge, evil money making scam which serves only the pharmaceutical industry.
  2. As I have documented, I have been a severe stimulant addict for many years, and many recovery attempts. I practically grew up reading posts on this website. Many times when I tried to quit, I would read this sub-forum for new drugs to take. I just wanted more of the same effects. When I ended up relapsing, I continued my "regimen" of various expensive nootropics and supplements. The reality is if you take this route, ​you will be unhappy, and you will inevitably fail. You need to change your mindset. As articulated well in an article on this site, Adderall is actually BAD for your focus and ADHD. Not just in addiction, but actually at all. It changes your whole mindset about getting things done. This distortion is exactly what causes the problem. Don't replace one stimulant with another. The so called "flow" is what you do not want at ALL costs. You can't stop your addict mindset by switching substances, even if one is less harmful than the other. But you can use your addictive tendencies to your advantage. Remember when you were running out of pills and desperately avoided social encounters so you didn't waste your supply? Well you can utilize that same mentality, but with real, good habits, instead of bad ones. Lets say you had a great day; you didn't take adderall, you got up early, you had a great workout...whatever it is. All that is important is that is is in limited supply-you don't do it often. Now take the same mindset you developed with adderall and apply it to this situation. You don't want to waste your good day. So use that as motivation to study, not drink, write a blog post. Whatever it is. Just Do It. And don't waste it.