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Found 4 results

  1. If you look up alcoholism online there is plenty of information about the stages of physical decline and associated diseases. There doesn't seem to be anything like this re the short and long term effects of chronic Adderall use (abuse, really). I'm not looking for a diagnosis here, but if anyone could share their experiences on this level I would be very appreciative. I often wonder if my cardiovascular health has been compromised by Adderall abuse. Thanks for reading. I'm new here and so glad I found this forum. I don't feel alone anymore.
  2. Already Losing My Post Adderall Weight Gain

    Wow so I just got back from my sisters bridal shower. I was pretty nervous about going because since I got my last prescription I've gained almost 50 pounds. But i've already lost 15 of the pounds that I gained since my last script. Although i've only been completely clean for 3 weeks, my body has been trying to balance itself out since June, 2014. But today I tried on my dress i'll be wearing at the wedding and it's already really loose on me and I have to get it altered. I got a lot of feedback on how good I look too! I drove back just ecstatic!! Seriously once you get passed the low self esteem that follows quitting, that right there feels better than any drug. Because when you're clean, you can ACTUALLY enjoy it, instead of lying to yourself like I used to do ALL the time. If you have problems with post adderall weight gain, trust me your body will balance itself out. You do have to try, but eventually it will work out. I can't wait to see what else I can accomplish. Life is just great right now. <3
  3. Hey guys, So my bf's mom is really into health/natural healing and supplements over medications, etc. and she knows I'm into it too and recently told me about this stuff called "Cellfood" -- I just picked me up some from the health food store and I'm trying it out. I think I may of added a little too much to my water or I drank too much at once because I'm a little light headed right now as I type. But I always love trying new things and sharing it with you all because others can find it helpful (maybe)… This stuff is supported to help get the nutrients IN and the toxins OUT. This Cellfood "is the only formulae that can nourish, clean and detoxify the cells! It's made from the very finest all-natural plant sources, and is rapidly absorbed and utilized at deepest cellular levels." Apparently "Cellfood" supports: enhanced energy levels, immune system function, cellular oxygenation, breathing function, alertness and concentration, normalized pH, digestion, nutrient absorption, removal of lactic and uric acid, recovery from injury, bacteria and parasite elimination, mental focus, regularity and elimination, immune system function and neurological. So I'm trying it out, just started today and I will report back later, maybe tomorrow or in a few days or week or so and see if I notice any difference. Also, I am slowly weening myself off of Zoloft right now so I have a lot going on. I hope this will help with the weening process.
  4. Natural Force has been a life saver when it comes to staying focused and AWAKE. Spirulina,Smooth Move, and Hemp seeds helped X a million with whole not being able to poop thing :-/ which I noticed to be the most stressful part of quitting. PS no real weight gain... *3 weeks clean, cold turkey *30xr daily for 4 years 10mg as needed. BEST DECISION EVER!!