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  1. Im sure more than half the people on here visit this section, read about ur area, think about joining a support group, but wont actually plan to meet up with other adderallics. LETS BE HONEST!! IF YOU ARE AN6THING LIKE ME, AND IM ASSUMING MOST PEOPLE ON HERE, DURING UR RECOVERY (especially when ur at a very low point) YOU DONT WANT TO GO OUT AT ALL! Sure, maybe in the very beginning i think we all experience that sort of what i call, adderall word vomit where u want to do nothing accept talk about adderall nonstop and how ur quitting and thats how we all end up here, because we find others that want to talk about it too... But how many of us actually have successfully gone to meetup with soneone or have even gone to some type of support meeting at all?? If u have how was it? Please share... If u havent, im just here to say im willing to put forth the effort and actually go to something like this or go out of my way to make time to meet with people every once in a while even if it involves traveling if a group of people would like to get together. One huge thing ive been noticing is not just lack of ambition, its the consequences of that lack of ambition during recovery. Over the years addicted to adderall, ive lost many friends and missed out on many social events since i had become such a hone body always working on "projects". The depression while quitting is harsh,and not having friends during it really makes it worse. I know i always feel too embarrassed to even go out, im at a 3 month really hard time, and i cant even function well enough to shower daily.. But who better to understand than people on this site? I feel like im kinda askin for a far stretch here, let me know if anyone has any opinions on this! I am located in illinois, if anyone in illinois or close by is intetested let me know! But really this could be for anybody!