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Found 1 result

  1. I quit Adderall about a month ago, and tried to quit multiple times before that. The thing that has helped me actually quit, is JOURNALING. My routine is to do journaling every day. Every day I read a bit of Carl Jung and do an introspective journaling/meditation based on the writing that I read. This intense psychoanalysis of myself has helped me examine the reasons why I used in the first place. Then, I do a journal entry using evidence based cognitive behavioral therapy or dialectical behavioral therapy skills. This helps me put the deep unveiling of the psychodynamic journaling into a pragmatic practice for my daily life. I also use a separate journal to track and plan out my day to be productive. It's been incredibly helpful. I go to therapy, and the bulk of my therapy session is spent talking about the journal entries of that week. But journaling on its own is a great alternative to psychotherapy. Let's face it, addiction and mental illness are deeply intertwined. I refuse to believe anyone starts using these drugs unless they have a deep-seated psychological reason, a wound of the soul that they are trying to fill. I genuinely feel absolutely no cravings, and I'm feeling minimal withdrawal depression, because of this therapeutic journaling practice. Give it a shot.