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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all. I have been trying to quit for about 5 months now.... and right now I am 24 days clean. This week I have been struggling EXTRA hard with fatigue and exhaustion no matter how much I sleep. I exercise regularly, eat extremely healthy. Those boxes are checked. I am planning to get blood work done soon to see if I have a nutritional deficiency that is causing the fatigue. In the meantime, I am in graduate school and barely able to get through my work. I am interested in taking supplements and I wonder if anyone has suggestions. A strange thing as of late is that caffeine actually makes me 10X more tired. I wondering if anyone has had the same problem? This could be due to my brain chemistry still trying to repair itself after years of Adderall use and abuse. I abused badly for only a few months, therefore I hope my recovery is somewhat quick. As for supplements and nootropics, these are the ones I am interested in: L-tyrosine, phenibut, phenylpiraetam, Centrophenoxine, and adrafinil, to name a few. Any and all suggestions are appreciated!