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Found 5 results

  1. Never “needed” Adderall but decided to try it back in March 2014. Worst mistake of my life. 20mg 1-2x/wk turned into 60-100mg/day(50% snorting) about a year later. In early 2016 my Dr. Prescribed me 70mg Vyvanse and had me taper by 10mg for 6mo. I actually got off completely for about 5-6mo then opened a business and decided to try Adderall again. That lead to my current state which is 50mg vyvanse(=20mg Adderall) morning and insufflating 60-80mg Adderall throughout the day. All in all I’d say I’ve consumed an average of 75mg/day amphetamine over a 4 yr period. (2014-2016)(2017-2019)(was clean about 4-5mo in 2017. About 4 months ago I noticed amphetamines aren’t working much for me. I can’t get out of bed until my Vyvanse kicks in and a few hours later I feel like a zombie and I just feel sick and flu like.The lethargy is the worst part and I get through the day with Adderall. Around 7pm-11pm is the only time I don’t feel sick and feel normal but typically the first half of the day is the worst. I take an arsenal of supplements to combat the side effects even though that’s putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. I get routine bloodwork and nothing is really out of the norm but I can for see myself going downhill really fast if I don’t take care of this. I’m just wondering what the best method people of used to help get off and get to the with drawl and live a normal life? I’m 37 with a wife and 2 toddlers so I really have to do this now. Thank you.
  2. Rehabilitation Just for Amphetamines / Meetups Just for Amphetamines Hello, Does anyone know if such a thing exists as a Rehab SPECIFICALLY for people addicted to ADD meds? Also, is there an Adderallics Anonymous or some support group that is specifically for stimulant prescription abuse? I truly believe that prescription stimulant abusers (pushed by a doctor in the first place!) are a different breed, it effects a different personality type, and has very different withdrawal symptoms than from those coming off alcohol or opiates. However, there seems to be nothing out there to help me and I keep failing alone and I so need someone I can identify with. I am so grateful I found this site.
  3. Rehab for adderall addiction?

    Has anyone gone to rehab? Inpatient or outpatient? If so what was your experience like? My family is very much trying to send me to an inpatient one
  4. Did you detox at home? In a hospital? At a friends? What was it like? Tell your story~ I detoxed at Silver Hill hospital in CT. I detoxed from benzos as well as adderall so I was put on a ton of valium to begin with. This hospital is/was amazing. The taper was smooth, the staff was amazing, and they treated us addicts like people. (I love spreading the word about Silver Hill to anyone on the east coast who is thinking about detoxing or doing a 28-day program. If it weren't for SH, I would not be sober today.) In 2011, I detoxed in MA at Adcare, which was the most painful experience of my life (do not go there!) Silver Hill showed me that I could live without adderall. I decided their 28-day transitional living program, which was focused on DBT.Their staff is amazing. Their doctors, nurses, counselors, psychologists are all top-notch. Their program/education is packed with great therapy and tools to use during early sobriety. They keep you busy. Their food is amazing. They have yoga :-) If you'd like more info, message me!
  5. Out patient rehab

    I've been an adderall usef for 5 years with pattern of 6-7 days off and than usually a 4 day binge My counselor mentioned out patient to monitor my heart rates depression ECt and possibly a weaning off method ...'comments?