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Found 2 results

  1. I quit Adderall about a month ago, and tried to quit multiple times before that. The thing that has helped me actually quit, is JOURNALING. My routine is to do journaling every day. Every day I read a bit of Carl Jung and do an introspective journaling/meditation based on the writing that I read. This intense psychoanalysis of myself has helped me examine the reasons why I used in the first place. Then, I do a journal entry using evidence based cognitive behavioral therapy or dialectical behavioral therapy skills. This helps me put the deep unveiling of the psychodynamic journaling into a pragmatic practice for my daily life. I also use a separate journal to track and plan out my day to be productive. It's been incredibly helpful. I go to therapy, and the bulk of my therapy session is spent talking about the journal entries of that week. But journaling on its own is a great alternative to psychotherapy. Let's face it, addiction and mental illness are deeply intertwined. I refuse to believe anyone starts using these drugs unless they have a deep-seated psychological reason, a wound of the soul that they are trying to fill. I genuinely feel absolutely no cravings, and I'm feeling minimal withdrawal depression, because of this therapeutic journaling practice. Give it a shot.
  2. Any writers out there who thought they'd found the key to being the next Kerouac when they had that first buzzy, words-flowing-faster-than-I-can type feeling on Adderall? I did, and then I found out that Kerouac actually did write On The Road in a haze of amphetamines, a realization that confirmed my conviction that I'd found the key to literary success. I've since decided that I'd rather live fully than give myself up to take adderall and write some whacked-out philosophical rambling prose. I've been on and off for a year, about a month sober right now, but I still love writing, have hopes of doing it professionally even, and can't shake the nagging feeling that if I just had one more pill I could get that short story started. Any advice or commiseration out there?