After 6 years I'm done

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I'm going to make this quick. Or at least try. I could spend all day on here, but I have homework.

This site is awesome- Thanks!

I have always been told by friends, co-workers and even supervisors that I should be checked for ADD. I startd dating this guy when I was 26. He took adderall. One night he said, just try it. I want to see w you respond. It was blue (10mg). I may have only took a half. I LOVED it! I cleaned the whole house, drank a whole 12 pack of Icehouse and smoked a pack of ciggs all in one night.

The following Moday I called my doctor, went and took the test and sure enough I was ADD. Startd ridelin, and told hom it didn't work. Next thing I am on adderall. I think I started out at 5mg 2x a day. 6 years later I am up to 20mg 3x a day. I have drank and smoked almost everyday for 6 years. I did allow myself to recover on Sat and Sun, some weekends. Here recently I have found myself taking more on the weekends, so I can keep up with my friends. I got pregnant and still took it. But only 5mg 2x day. Breastfed for 1 month and stopped so I could pop pills again.

I quit my job back in June to stay home with my son and go back to school full time. I knew I wouldn't have insurance for awhile. I went and got my mail in rx- 270 pills. 3 months for $30. Now that's gone and I have no insurance to pay for them. I can still get them and pay $60 a month. But this is my time to quit.

It's been 6 days. I slept A LOT last week. I am starting to feel better now. I have energy coming back and I wanna do stuff. I wanna go to the gym, take my son to the park, and just get out!!!! It feels WONDERUL. I just hope it doesn't go away! Please tell me it just keeps getting better?! I do wanna eat. I hadn't lost down to 115. I am a 5'9 female. I looked sick. I am ready to hit the gym hard though!

One more thing. I have no desire to drink. I haven't had a beer since my last pill(last Monday). I have only smoked maybe 5 ciggs this weel too. I am drinking more coffee. So I'm gonna keep an eye on that. I don't wanna become dependent on something else!

Ok...done for now! Thanks for reading.

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