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The Hope of a New Normal

As a young child, I was inattentive, disruptive, extremely hyper and uncontrollable. So much, in fact, my teachers refused to allow me back into the classroom unless I was evaluated by a behavioral doctor. The doctors assured my parents that medication would be the answer to all of our problems. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was five years old and medicated shortly after. The next 18 years were filled with quarterly doctors’ visits that resulted in medication changes, dosage increases and ultimately another “answer†for the lack of social cues, behavioral issues and undeniable hyperactivity I possessed.
Over the span of almost two decades, I formed a physical and mental dependence to stimulants. My first thoughts in the morning revolved around medication. I was medicated through every developmental milestone you can think of. All of my memories and life lessons, everything I learned in school, it all happened on medication.
I didn’t question any of it until college, which is when I began to have my own reservations about Adderall. We don’t have many studies over the long term effects of stimulants; this is something that concerns me. I worry about my heart and whether or not it can take another day on medication, I worry about having to stop cold turkey when I choose to have a baby, and I worry about depending on a pill to make it through my day. Thoughts like “Can I make it on my own?†and “Is there life after Adderall?†kept me up at night.
Soon after I graduated college, I made the decision to begin slowly weening myself off of my medication. My doctor and I discussed what my life would look like without Adderall. I was told to be patient and that I will need to find a ‘new normal’. I had an idea of what it would be like, but I am not sure anyone can truly be prepared for this.
While incrementally decreasing my dosage I began to experience irritability, mood swings, increased hunger, weight gain, anxiety, trouble sleeping, lack of drive, loss of focus, brain fog and depression. These withdrawals lasted for months. I tried my best to compose myself at work and crashed as soon as I got home. My life felt meaningless. After finally reaching half the dosage I had started taking a year later, I was miserable with my ‘new normal’ and I was angry.
To set the record straight, I was never angry at my parents for choosing this path for me. They did the very best they could with what they had. And I choose not to question their ability to make sound decisions or to raise me well. I am blessed beyond measure with parents who love me, love one another and most importantly love Christ.
All of this to say, my life changed for the better one afternoon while I was riding in the car with my mom. We were talking about the withdrawal symptoms I was feeling and how unhappy I was.  She pointed me in the direction of a previous member of our church Ashley Crowder.  Ashley had been posting about healthy, all natural, and highly beneficial products belonging to a company called Plexus on her Facebook page.  I reached out to Ashley and she shared story after story of how people with similar issues (brain fog, depression, etc.) have experienced freedom from these symptoms by taking these products, including her family. I spent a few days researching the products and their ingredients and found nothing dangerous or unnatural in them. So, I decided to take a leap of faith and give them a try.
A week later I received my products in the mail. I followed the directions and Oh My Gosh, they worked! By the second day, I felt amazing! The brain fog was gone! My depression was gone! My anxiety and mood swings were gone!  I have learned that regulating blood sugar levels and maintaining a healthy gut maximizes quality of life.  I feel more alive today than I have felt in over a year and I can’t find words to describe my insurmountable joy!  Plexus gave me my life back. I can’t help but share this with everyone!
I am halfway through my journey to ween off of Adderall and I no longer dread what life will be like without it. If you would like to know more about Plexus or about my story please feel free to message me, I'd be happy to share with you.


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