One year anniversary of no adderall passed me by and I forgot all about it

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Yup, sept 22nd last year I took my last pill. I just realized yesterday it's been over a year.  I can't believe I'm on 'the other side' now.  For those who don't know, I tapered from 30mgs that I was taking for about 9 years. It was awful. I gained a lot of weight.  Was tired, miserable, depressed, you name it.

after 7/8 months off of it I decided to get the fk off my a$$ and stop feeling sorry for myself.  I was starting to feel suicidal.. at that point I made the commitment to join bootcamp and start eating healthy.  I looked into the mirror and didn't recognize the body that was attached to my head, almost 180lbs I was mortified.  3 months into bootcamp and I'm down to 155.  I still have a ways to reach my 'normal' weight of about 130, but the weight is coming off and the inches are coming off faster.  I'm building muscle and I don't feel exhausted anymore. I have honestly never felt happier or healthier. 

I hope anyone out there that's maybe at least around the six month quit time would maybe consider joining some type of a gym or crossfit. Get out there and push yourself. Honestly, the hardest part was walking through the doors the first day. I almost left the parking lot.. I'm glad I didn't. For anyone who doesn't have money for something like this, a lot of places offer free classes and Groupon ap has tons of classes for places for you to try.

it's easy to sit here and feel like crap and feel sorry for yourself, I know bc I did it for a long time. Give yourself time to 'heal' and detox.. but after a few months, mine was 7/8 months, get up, go out, and MOVE. Don't think about it. Just do it.

i PROMISE you, you will feel better. I honestly haven't thought of adderall for months.. I just don't care about it anymore.. there's hope out there guys, you just have to WANT it. Xo


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